From Pentagon City To You with Love

It was time for me to visit my Spiritual Guide again. For it was Springtime in the US. The day that was convenient for me to travel was Saturday the 19 of March. It was Election Day in Port Harcourt and movement was restricted. But when I made my booking, my Guide had assured me that I was going to travel on that day so I was not really bothered. So I prepared and waited for the 19 of March. More often than not, I hardly listen to news but the occasion at this time called for it despite all assurance from my Spiritual Guide. So I went downstairs to my car to listen to the latest news about movement for that day. The news was enough to put fear into an ordinary mortal. Threats and restrictions was all I could hear from both sides of contestants. I was not concerned because as a spiritual student, I would not allow man-made laws to affect my spiritual freedom. Why would I allow elections fixed for a particular day affect my own decision to travel?

At 2pm on the 19 of March, I left my house with some concern from my wife but I assured her that I was going to be safe. I entered the express and found it empty. I was glad since it would allow me to move faster until I encounter whatever was on the road. I did a spiritual exercise that would clear the road of any obstacles and increased speed. I could see barricades at Eliozu and Rupokwu junctions but I did not see any security operatives but the physical objects there was enough evidence of their presence. I drove on and within minutes I was at the major checkpoint where mean looking riot policemen mounted a barricade.

‘Where are you going? Asked one of them harshly

‘To the Airport’ I replied curtly

‘Why and where is your permit?’ he questioned

‘I have my ticket to travel abroad. It is an international journey’ I replied convincingly

When they sensed my confidence they change to a more relaxing tone.

‘Your boys are on the road. Oga, I am the one in charge here’ said the most senior.

I knew where they were headed. I parted with some money and moved on with speed. At another checkpoint at Igwuruta, I ran into an army checkpoint. A brief explanation and I was on my way. Within 30 minutes, I was at the airport. My wife was pleasantly surprised when I called her from the airport.

The flight was delayed because of obvious reasons as the flight came in late from Abuja. By 9.21pm we were airborne and headed to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport at Abuja, where we spent another one hour before our departure to Charles de Gaul International in France. As usual, I could feel the presence of my Spiritual Guide from the beginning of the journey. His eternal presence was indicated with a rich shinning Blue Light of the Holy Spirit.

Every individual who wishes can have a Spiritual Guide. On can hardly survive the vagaries of the physical world without the aid of a Spiritual Guide. These Guides also known as Spiritual Travelers are actually provided by God Almighty to provide aid for that Soul who is ready to find their way back home to God and the heavens of God. Most souls in HU-man form or bodies are not aware that we actually came into this Spiritual Education Center to learn Spiritual lessons. They get carried away easily by materialism and baseless religious dogma. They end up spending this life without making much spiritual progress. They eventually reincarnate and continue the same lifestyle until they get a Spiritual Traveler who can help direct them back home to God Almighty.

So Spiritual Travelers are those agents of God placed in the Physical World to help Souls find their way back home to God. They are willing and also available to help provided we make the effort to contact them. Heading this group is my Spiritual Guide who is known as the Spiritual Coach. Some individuals, not knowing who they are, refer to them as Guardian Angels. But they are known as Spiritual Travelers. They teach about the divine love of God and their job is to lead an individual who is interested to the heavens of God while still alive. For any individual who wishes to make contact, such individuals can sing HU, the Holy, Sacred and Secret name of God Almighty.

To sing HU, sit relaxed in any quiet place, put your attention on the Spiritual Eye, the space at the center of the two eye brows, breathe in and out normally for a few times and on the outward breath, sing HU as in ‘Yooooouuuuuuu!’. Repeat this for about 20 to 30 minutes before sleep or first thing in the morning and a Spiritual Traveler will come to you in your dream state. Do not be afraid, for so many have benefitted from this simple Spiritual Exercise irrespective of religious leanings. You can also benefit if you wish and you are comfortable. Only the bold and ready can see God Almighty. For those who wish to contact God through secondary parties and so called ‘men of God’, they can continue to do so. But they should not complain when certain unexplainable events occur in their lives. For they have decided to place their destiny into someone else’s hands rather than take spiritual responsibility and claim their heritage as a Son of the Most High.

At Charles de Gaul, I met the usual serene and beautiful environment at the airport. The only difference was that we were welcomed at the mouth of the plane by policemen, probably upgrading their security system. I checked my next connecting flight to the US and decided to buy myself breakfast. As I dipped my hand into my pocket, I could hear my Guide advising me to spend money carefully. I thought why? But the advice had been given. Maybe I might incur some unexpected extra expenditure. I thanked my Guide anyway and ordered sparingly since I had limited funds. My destination was Minneapolis but I needed to visit some other states to conclude some assignments. Now I know I needed to be more careful.

‘Time to board!’ Announced my Guide.

I looked around but the officials were yet to make an announcement. I told some friends around that I was proceeding to the boarding gate. They followed without question. Shortly after, boarding was announced. But I was correctly advised by my Guide and was able to board early and avoided long queues.

The flight from Minneapolis to Charles de Gaul took about 9 hours. I spent most of my time reading about one of the Spiritual Travelers. The book was so fascinating; I could not drop it to watch a movie. I only slept intermittently to ensure I got a good rest and suffer less jetlag. At MSP, I took a cab straight to Chanhassen where I had made reservations. I needed to book my flights within the US and I found that the options I got were so exorbitant. How can this be? I thought to myself. No wonder my Guide was advising me to watch how I spent money while in Paris. My Guide came to my rescue again as I was advised to call some few friends in town. This yielded result as I was directed to where I could obtain cheaper but authentic flights within the US. Thus I was able to turn a potentially bad situation into a good one. I got a confirmation and a boarding pass.

Next day, I arrived at the airport and discovered that my flight to Washington was being routed through Chicago with a layby of about 5 hours. I was lucky it was not cancelled outrightly. I settled down and waited. We landed at Chicago O’Hare Airport at the right time and waited to board another flight to Washington Dulles International.

How can I manage in a new city that I have not been to before late in the night? No problem. My Guide was right beside me. I got a cab to the Hilton at Alexandria in Virginia State, which was 10 minutes from Washington City. I arrived the Hilton safely but the rates were doubled since I had not made an earlier reservation, but I had told my Guide to help me secure a room.

‘Hi’ I said to the reception, ‘I need a room’.

‘Sorry, we are sold out’ came the reply.

That was the answer I did not want to hear.

‘Is there any hotel nearby?’

‘Yes, the Marriot’ he replied.

At this point I needed to make a decision. I sang HU quietly and told the receptionist, I needed to think about my decision since he also offered me a rom at the Hilton for $300 compared to the Marriot’s $220. Which one would I take? Since the Marriot was cheaper common sense said Marriot but my Guide said to me quietly:

‘Stay at the Hilton’.

I obeyed without any doubts that it was the best decision for me. Who would know much better than God? I checked in and did not regret my actions. I was to learn the wisdom of taking the advice of the Holy Spirit later.

To be continued….



By Tuborki Dauyemie

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