Greetings from America (Obamaland !)

‘You are late to the airport’ said my Guide quietly beside me.

Late? I thought as I drove back home from the office after attending to some last minute details since my vacation commenced officially today. If my Spiritual Guide tells me that I am late then I better hurry up.

Every individual has a Spiritual Guide except that most of us are used to living without one or have not developed the capacity spiritually to listen to that ‘still small voice within’ each one of us. Some refer to this Guide as their Guardian Angel who ministers to us in our dreams. This Spiritual Guide however is the Voice of God. One must learn the disciplines to recognize this voice whenever IT speaks.

This voice is usually the voice of the Living Godman, commonly referred to as the Holy Spirit.

I arrived home safely and within thirty minutes I was driving fast to Omagwa, to the International Airport. Another ten minutes after securing my car, I was on queue to be checked in.

‘Open your box please’ ordered the officer

I opened the box and there on top of my stuff was the picture of my Guide. The officer was curious.

‘Why are you travelling?’ he asked rather jovially

‘For a seminar’ I quipped

‘What is the meaning of this?’ Pointing to my HU pin on my jacket

‘Oh, that is the Holy and Sacred name of God’ I replied.

But the officer wanted more. He wouldn’t take a short answer like that. Though there were three of them he was the only one that showed enough interest while the others were only interested in checking through bags and making sure they get ‘something more tangible’ for the day. For them God can wait.

‘If you have difficulty in contacting God, you can sing the HU quietly or aloud for about five to ten minutes before bedtime, ask God any question and you shall be provided with answers in your dreams’. I concluded, wanting to move on.

But Soul has gotten an opportunity to link up with God through an ‘ordinary traveller’ and wanted the full benefits.

‘You can sit quietly on a chair or lie on a couch with eyes closed, and attention placed on the Spiritual eye, located at the middle of the forehead, in-between the two eyebrows. You can then fill yourself with love and sing HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God like this, Huuuuuee! in a long drawn out tone. When you wake up in the morning, relax in bed for a few minutes and try to recollect your dreams before finally getting out of bed’ I explained.

Finally we exchanged phone numbers and I went through to the screening room into the boarding area.

Later after boarding, I could hear the sound of HU in the jet engines as it roared into life and was taxing for take- off. I simply blended into this sound, which was also within me and sang the HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God, committing my trip to America via Charles de Gaul in Paris into the hands of God.  I could feel the presence of my Spiritual Guide beside me as the plane lifted up and sped towards Abuja and onward to Paris.

At Abuja we only spent about one hour to upload passengers boarding from there. Within a short while, we were airborne and at about forty thousand feet, in a journey of about seven hours on a seat belted up, you have minimal options. I fell into a light sleep, moved outside the body to enjoy the splendor of the heavens of God



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