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ISSUES ABATTOIR: Return Peace For The Once Peaceful Obolo Nation

Nyesom-WikePEACE is commonly said to be the panacea for every development in any society. But what is Peace itself? In this episode of Issues Abattoir is a little deviation from the already loaded and numerous issues in the political space for the essence of general coexistence of the time, “PEACE”. It is the considered opinion of Issues Abattoir to discuss on this essential and elaborate topic since it is identified as the basic for developmental, gainful and purposeful life engagements.

PEACE, according to Geddes and Grosset 2007, in ‘The Complete English Language’ is tranquility, stillness; freedom from contention, violence or war; a treaty that ends a war. In a related development, English dictionary defined Peace as ‘ a state of tranquility, quite and harmony, for instance, a state from civil disturbances. A state free from oppressive, unpleasant thoughts and emotions. Harmony in personal relationship. A state free from war, in particular war between different countries.’

OBOLO NATION in the Rivers and Akwa-Ibom State, is usually known, identified and believed as a Peaceful nation before now.

However, things have fallen apart that crisis ranging from cult related crisis and communal clashes have engulf the nation, thereby bringing and portraying her in bad lights.

On the above premise, Issues Abattoir is elated to discuss peace as it affects the repositioning of Obolo Nation in a lasting manner and way for the overall good of all citizens.

Peace is always talked about in mostly crisis period. Peace is an authority in its self, though it is crucial in all human endeavour, it does not seek to dwell amongst those who do not seek her. Peace was offered to the entire world but only those who understand the virtue and value of it acknowledges it because many are truly ignorant of what it is.

In an harmonious circumstance, no one do mention peace rather developmental strategies are preached and sort for. It is however believed that, “No war, No Peace”. Peace therefore is prevalent in an atmosphere of rancor and crisis.

Warring circumstances are not in the best interest of the citizenry of any country, tribe or community. Hence the loses recorded are greater than its gains.

During the 2011 destruction of international trade centre in the USA, the Americans shaded tears. In Nigeria, the Nigeria, Biafra war was bitter lessons to both entities irrespective of the wisdom of “No victor, No Vanquish” of General Yakubu Gowon.

In Rivers State, the agitation for resource control between 2006/2007 where elders, chiefs, the wealthy and poor were subjected to trekking and hands raised up was a very serious and remarkable period that most individuals may not let go in their memories. Resource control achieved or not, the general brand name was” Era of militancy in the Niger Delta”. Yes, some are benefiting from it against the others, but the truth remains that its loses were greater than the gains today.

Because of the continuous loses arising from the fight, insurgency, call it any name you like, there was need for peace; and when a likely peace was reached there was an obvious steps for development.

The youths and the boys from the Niger Delta region are however receiving certain kinds of training and education as well as gradual developmental strategies.

A nation without peace is likened to a floating boat or vessels without a pilot(s), it would land possibly in an unwanted shore or capsizes   anywhere since it lacks control.

A nation without peace is also like sheeps without shepherd and would be destroyed at the clap of the finger tips.

Peace, therefore is the hallmark, standard, route and navigation of every succeeding nation.

The period of Andoni-Ogoni war in the recent past in 1993 was to those alive a testimonial of either good or bad a situation of war. The 1993 era saw the two nations in either laughter or tears therefore a better lesson could be deduced from it.

If for no other reason, the people of these ethnic nationalities have something to tell their generations; but one thing is paramount, that the duo groups must live to condemn war.

In the present circumstance, it is believe that the Andonis must live above board by condemning war and of course hate crisis. What it means is that peace must reign supreme in Obolo Land because war in its entirely according to it’s name is destructive and retrogressive.

Indeed it is a thing of grave concern, the emergence of cult activities in Andoni after the said sad experiences of 1993 (the era this generation have seen) that in 1999 some pockets of unruly behaviors sprang up which metamorphose into the present act of cultism. It is regrettable that some blame it on the political class, others blame it on the traditional institutions in the area while it is also blame on peer groups.

Whatever, the case may be or how it emanates, it is now obvious that its operation are inimical to the growth of Obolo (Andoni) since it damages and dangers are more anti-progress.

During the era of inter, or intra communal crisis and, or war in Andoni, the people had losed either houses, properties such as textiles, human beings and other valuables. Marriage was not left out as those who inter married within a community had since separated or divorced for obvious reasons. The disaster was indeed very much to enumerate.

After and having acquired these experiences, now is the time for Obolo people to recount their past ordeals and resist every temptation and brewing crisis arising from either communal influences, external plots or cult related crisis.

Issues Abattoir submits that there were cult related activities in Andoni probably betwee

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