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The Importance of primary Health Care Service In Rivers State

Over the years the ability and effectiveness to quickly save lives has been a problem especially to the third world countries such as Nigeria and it has become not just a matter of individuality but also to society at large where health matters are prioritized in different classes from the hegemonic class (High Class) to the middle class and then the low class (poor class).

Society comprises of all these three classes of people mentioned above and if one of them is ignored there would be a paradigm shift in the balance of society itself, in as much as not everyone can rush down to the urban health care immediately for treatment/immediate life saving issues, the government should endeavour to create a nearby health centre in various rural communities to help treat minor cases and reduce the tension of major cases before taken to urban specialized centres as to create a first and life saving mechanism for both the old and young.

The importance of primary health care services are very vast in explanation but a few will be stated and that:

The primary health care services or centre would serve as an emergency aid for all persons (old and young) in a particular rural area because some cases of late night collapse cannot be said to be brought to the urban areas for treatment considering either time factor, transportation and possibly distance which may even lead to the death of the affected person, but if this primary health care services are built and given the proper tools and machineries to work with they can first reduce the tension and if possible save the life fore before the patient goes for proper check up in the hospitals in urban areas.

They would serve as maternity, antenatal places or pregnant women in the rural areas, this is because during labour the nurses in those health care centres would help the women deliver and also educate the pregnant women on what to do as to keep the baby healthy before birth and also the mothers what they need to take that would help them to be strong during childbirth.

They would serve as a means of educating the people on various health issues such as; healthy living, keeping their environments clean as not to attract sickness and diseases, and how to immediately avert an incoming disease and it symptoms and many more.

They serve as a voice for the government of a state or country in the introduction of new healthy related laws, drugs, facilities etc that would improve the life and health of individuals and citizens in the state and around the country.

Finally they also help in the reduction of pressure in urban centres in life saving, creating a division of labour mechanism so that one thereby reducing both the risk of loosing lives and attending to patients.

With these few importance, it is imperative for one to say that primary health centres are needed in every rural and urban centres in a state and around a country because of the first mission of health practitioners/hospitals is to save lives and the first and properly, so there is a point of convergence to the importance o health care services in and around a state or nation. ###

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