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The Illusions of Religions, Politics and the Negative Force

Vietnamese_AW4T_LRW_BooksMan, the highest creation of God has come to depend heavily on religion despite the fact that he has little proof about religion leading him to heaven. The gimmick these days is for man to be placated with the phrase ‘Believe, and you shall find heaven!’. But when our so called men of God are asked to come and die and go to heaven, they tell you ‘My time never reach!’ So if heaven were so beautiful as described in most Holy Books why are people including the devotees of such religion afraid to die and go to enjoy heaven. Some Holy Books tell man that you have the first heaven, the second heaven and the third heaven. Could it also be possible that you have the fourth heaven, the fifth heaven and so on and forth? What are the qualifications required for an individual to know how to navigate these heavens of God?

Our topic for discussion for today explores those fallacies that tend to hold man in bondage and thus cause man to reincarnate for several lifetimes through the agencies of Karma and Reincarnation. These fallacies are the illusions that blindfold man from realizing the spiritual identity of himself as Soul, a divine spark of God. These fallacies propagated through religion, politics and the social consciousness are the tools used by the negative force usually referred to as ‘Devil’ Kal or ‘Satan’ uses as golden chains to tie Soul in HU-man flesh down perpetually in the lower worlds. Through these fallacies, man continues to reincarnate for so many lifetimes with the memories of his past lives wiped from his memory such that he can hardly remember that he had lived before. Chief among these tools are prosperity, religion, social consciousness, and politics.

Before we delve into the main topic, let us familiarize ourselves with the spiritual purpose of man in this world and all the lower worlds of creation. The Spiritual purpose of man in this world for those who do not know, is to learn how to become a co-worker with God. To qualify for this position, man must learn how to give and receive the divine love of God. For man to learn how to give and receive the divine love of God, man needs to attend school in a particular environment suitable for that interaction. So the Spiritual Hierarchy decided that Soul must attend a school to learn and hone Its skills in the art of giving and receiving and appropriating the divine love of God. God Almighty then dreamed IT wise that the lower heavens be formed so that Souls can come and receive their catechism in the lower worlds which includes our dear earth. These lower heavens include the first, second, third, fourth and the pure heavens which begin from the fifth.

Soul, the real spiritual aspect of man, existed in the pure heavens of God. But for It to come and learn these universal principles of love, a uniform is required just like a child requires a uniform to attend school on earth here. This uniform and all associated material things were then assigned to one of the Gods in the lower heavens normally called devil to distribute to any Soul who has been chosen to come to earth to learn about divine love. Therefore every Soul that is qualified just like in Jamb to come to school here must come with a uniform, the HU-man body, to attend school. All material things including money are provided by this minor God that religious organizations have come to know as Father. But he is not the Almighty God but a minor God in the Spiritual Hierarchy. The job of this minor God is to tempt Souls and ensure that they are pure and qualify to serve as Co-workers with God. Check all your religious writings and you will see this minor God, the devil, testing all those who claim to be direct children of God. Try and also find out what this minor God uses to tempt them: material things and prosperity!

You can now see that all religions that preach prosperity are agents for this minor God whose responsibility it is to use material things and prosperity to shield the attention of man from Almighty God and be qualified to leave this school and begin their journey back home to God.

This is why most religions are based on illusions because they cannot lead man to God and only serve as traps and bondage to life through Karma and Reincarnation that makes man to continue reincarnating without any apparent reason for life. This is the reason why most religions today preach only prosperity and materialism as the only evidence of God’s love for man. But this is not true. Thus, Soul in HU-man form, without purpose to life, revels in merriment and wealth seeking from birth, through teenage to maturity and death without any meaning to life. Thus generations upon generations of families are tied down to the same religion life after life without any evidence of any tangible experience with God. This is also the reason why man thinks he can change the will of God Almighty through prayer. Any man who tells you that prayer can be used to bend the will of God is only living a life of self-delusion. The administration of the worlds of God on earth and in the pure Heavens is based on pure and immutable laws that cannot be bent to satisfy the whims and caprices of man. It is only out of man’s overblown ego that makes him think he can command God to do his own puny bidding through prayer. Unfortunately this cannot work and will never work.

The negative God of Illusion also works through the arena of politics. This is why you see the ‘do or die’ attitude of politicians across the universes. The end product of politics, money and power,  is the main motive and attraction. And who is the creator of this material energy? The devil of course! So you find generations of politicians and their followers struggling for a piece of the action while the ones in opposition also show some desperation. The purpose of all these is to keep the attention of man fastened on the perishable things of life rather than the imperishable things of God Almighty and the Holy Spirit. All these belong in the realms of the illusions of life. For when a politician or a wealthy man is buried does he carry any material thing to heaven? Alas no! But instead of man looking for ways of contacting God directly, he wastes his time on power, money and the control of his fellow men. Ofcourse, he would reincarnate and pay for every kobo he steals from the people he is supposed to serve. At that time, he would not remember because all his memory would have been flushed clean and he would beg God to know why his life is so difficult.

The third arena is in the social arena. This is otherwise known as the social consciousness. It is propagated through traditions, cultures and what is known as the social consciousness. Thus generations upon generations continue to do things the same way without any plausible reason why it should be done so. This is why some people would tell you ‘na so them deh do am!’ This is to tell you to fall in line and not to do anything different. This is why it is only the bold and the adventurous that can ever find God. This is because the unconventional man would rather die in adventure than do follow follow through life and discover that he has been paralyzed by fear and the social consciousness.

So how can man find God?

How can man breakout from the bondage of religion, politics and the social consciousness and eventually find one’s way back home to God where we all came from?

The greatest challenge of man is to find and break the illusions or maya that surrounds man from cradle to death. One of the ways man can see through these illusions is to open his spiritual eyes through his dreams, the special and direct language of God. When God designed the Spiritual education of Soul to come to the school of earth, man has never been left alone. For Almighty God has provided the Living Word, the Spiritual Coach who has been appointed to lead all Souls who are ready back home to God. The Living Godman can take man back home to God through the agencies of the Holy Spirit which is manifested as the Light and Sound of God Almighty. When the individual is linked to the Holy Spirit directly by the Living Word, the individual begins his journey back home to God under the tutelage of the Way Shower, the Spiritual Coach.

Although the Spiritual Coach lives in America, He has the special ability of being with all His chelas simultaneously and teaching then through their dreams. For those who are ready to breakout of these illusions of life, I would advise they sing HU, the Holy and sacred name of God! When the individual sings HU, he would make direct contact with the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God and God would begin to teach the individual through the dream state. Within a short period, the individual would start visiting the heavens of God and bring back stories for others to read in Holy Books!

To sing HU, the individual should sit relaxed, close his eyes to avoid any distractions, then fill his heart with love and in a mono-syllable, sing HU like Ýooouuuuu!’ in an outward breath. This should be repeated for about ten to twenty minutes before bedtime and the individual shall experience God directly without any intermediary whatsoever!


By Tuborki Dauyemie

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