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Physical and Spiritual Survival in our World Today

Survival in our world of today is becoming increasingly challenging. From the Far East to the West and from Europe down to our dear Africa. Survival has become that of the fittest. If one follows the trend in our media of today, one could watch individuals and countries alike battling issues connected to economic survival. While the economies of the different countries in Europe are on the brink, the ones in Africa are not faring any better. In Nigeria of today, our situation has gotten to the point where a common commodity like premium motor spirit commonly known as petrol is no longer readily available. Life has become unusually unpredictable.
What can man do to survive these unusual times?
Suffice to mention that it is when times are hard that most of us remember God. When times are smooth and easy going, the tendency is for us to get carried away that things were going on well because of our personal efforts. But when things go awry, we begin to look for God in earnest. Then we pause and ask: ‘God why me?’
Pain is one of the ways we are compelled to turn to God. Without pain, man will refuse to learn the lessons of Life.
Religion is a booming business simply because man feels he can in the short run change the mind of God through unceasing prayers targeted at making numerous demands from God. Some individuals pay huge sums of money to ‘men of god’ whom they feel can help them deliver their messages to God to overcome the hard times or resolve some issues that are beyond the ordinary. These issues sometimes border on the spiritual aspect of living.
Religion has become a booming business because man believes he can change his fortunes through prayer and fasting.
So how can man cope with the physical challenges faced by man today in the form of economic hardships, numerous health challenges and all sorts of problems that are beyond hu-man understanding? Do these problems or issues have a spiritual connection? Is it possible that all the afflictions of man could originate from a higher level?
How then can man survive spiritually in these times?
All physical situations arise from a spiritual perspective. In other words before anything manifest physically there must have been a spiritual ‘duplicate’ of the situation.
All religions attest to the fact that creation by God has been concluded long ago. In fact some religions conclude that creation was wrapped up by God in six days and rested on the seventh after He was satisfied with his creation. In other words, all possible scenarios had already been programmed by God Almighty. There are two major parts to this creation by God. We have the pure spiritual worlds without forms and those of the lower worlds where Soul is sent to learn how to give and receive the Love of God. These lower worlds comprise of five different heavens. The heaven below is fashioned after the heaven immediately above it. Likewise our own dear earth is designed after the Astral World, the first heaven which is directly above earth but cannot be perceived with the physical eyes. This is because they are of a different vibratory state. This first heaven can only be accessed by the spiritual body.
Of course most of us do not know that we have spiritual bodies under the physical that corresponds to the different heavens of God. Whether we believe it or not this is true.
So every event that occurs on earth here is an effect of an activity in the heavens directly above it. In other words, an individual can resolve any issue at hand only if he first and foremost knows the spiritual history of the issue.
One can also solve any basic problem through this approach.
For instance this writer has utilized this method severally while looking for accommodation within Port Harcourt metropolis. I needed to move into another apartment in town since my family was expanding. I had three options in resolving this problem. The first was for me to walk around town like any other individual would do and I might be ‘lucky’ enough to find a place after a considerable length of time in searching. This is the Human approach in solving problematic situations. It leads unfortunately, to the ‘wear and tear’ of the Human body.
The second approach is the hiring of professional services which is more or less the same thing except that you pay someone else to do the searching on our behalf. In this situation, we hire the services of an estate manager whom we pay a commission to assist us in getting an accommodation in a tight place like Port Harcourt. This is simply shifting the responsibility to another individual by extension. So the individual finds us a place whether it is in our best interest or not.
The third option is the Spiritual Option. In this case the individual recognizes that God knows all the available apartments in Port Harcourt including the ones that we are likely able to afford. So the most sensible thing to do is to contact God for assistance. This procedure will also lead the individual practitioner to the apartment that will be best for the spiritual growth of the individual. This is because the individual will also be directed to where the individual will be able to resolve some carry over Karma. This Karma is responsible for all that happens in our lives.
This is why it is necessary to know the Spiritual History of any situation before one can judge or make a comment.
The approach stated above is what this writer had used for more than six apartments that I have been able to secure within Port Harcourt at different times.
The procedure therefore in resolving any challenging situation is as follows:
The first step is making direct contact with God Almighty. This objective is achieved by calling God by the name God gave to Himself so that man can contact God directly without any intermediaries. This name is HU (attached to the word HU-man being so that man can be constantly reminded of his spiritual heritage.). It is sung in a long drawn out tone as in Huuueeue for a period of ten to twenty minutes before bedtime. After this the individual can quietly ask God any question like the ones below:
‘God where can I find a house for me and my family?’
‘God what can I do to get a job?’
‘God which hospital can I attend to find healing?’
‘God how can I know you better?’
This approach is quite different from the way we bombard God with unnecessary endless requests. In this case the individual is ready to play a role in resolving the issue at hand and not like a prodigal son begging for a crust of bread. We do not need to beg God our Father for anything. Those who beg and beseech God are those who do not know God their Farther and therefore continue to plead and beg. Everything God has belongs to us provided we are willing to get close to God first!
The second step is for the individual to get a dream recorder beside his bed because one of the ways God will reply our request is through our dreams. Sometimes when we do not even ask God he replies us in our dreams how much more when we call God’s Holy and Sacred name. When the individual wakes up in the morning he should stay relaxed in bed and try to recollect his dreams. It is important so that we do not forget our dreams as soon as we are awake. Once we remember it is our responsibility to write this down in a dream journal.
The third step is to carry out the instructions given in the dream to the letter. Most of us are not thought in our religions on the importance of dreams simply because our pastors are not knowledgeable enough to teach about dreams and the interpretation. Some even ‘cast and bind’ dreams not knowing that the dreams are privileged information from God.
When the individual practices this approach, it can be used to contact God in every situation and at all times.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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