You and Your Dreams (2)


In my research and study of dreams, I found out that there are several types of dreams that can influence the life of a HU-man Being. These dreams however manifest in the life of man mostly when he is rested and asleep. These dreams come with vital information from God Almighty. But since man is not trained in the understanding and interpretation of dreams, most of the information provided is either wasted, lost, or totally forgotten. Sometimes man would wake up from sleep and have a feeling that an important message has been given to him but he has little or no recollection of this important message. Sometimes, he may visit some “ men of God” who with little or no knowledge about dreams, who will in-turn,interpret such dreams from their own level of consciousness and understanding. But since they are also not trained, they present the seeker with the wrong information. And for years and centuries, the individual misses the opportunity to develop a one-on-one relationship with God through his or her dreams!

Why are dreams so important in our lives?

Without an understanding of your dreams, the individual is living half and half of his life. This is because dreams are the link between the world of appearance and that of existence. And since man is only aware of his waking state, he is only partaking and living in the world of appearance alone! This is the basic reason why man is so confused about life and the problems he encounters every day. He does not understand that the world of existence (usually called inner) controls his world of appearance. So man continues to wallow in the ignorance of self-knowledge running from pillar to post, wandering about the source of his numerous problems. Sometimes out of frustration about his limited knowledge about his problems he begins to run from one religion to another, from one denomination to another, searching for what he can obtain free of charge within  himself! What a pity!!

Once in a while, out of the eternal love of God, man is given an opportunity to wake up spiritually by showing him events in dreams. But what does man do? He discards them as malaria dreams or sometimes, he even goes to the extent of binding such dreams which are valid and important information from God! When man receives a dream he does not understand, he goes to pray over such dreams and ignorantly closes the door to divine messages from God his Creator. Because of lack of understanding, man shuts the door to daily information from God. So he continues to live in ignorance until he drops the HU-Man Body in a process known as death, then he wakes up spiritually in the world of existence. Bu all along, while he was alive, he was given numerous opportunities to open the spiritual worlds, the worlds of existence through his dreams. He never took the opportunity, so he is sent back to the world of appearance again to learn about the lessons of life. Most times he will either be sent back to his country he just left, like Nigeria where he reincarnates back (usually!) into the family he just died from. So the father or grand- father becomes the son to come back and collect the properties he stole and left behind! Sometimes, he may also come back to receive what was stolen from him! He may continue like this for millions of incarnations running into millions of HU-man years! Yes, this is the process unless man decides to know himself.

You can now see and understand why dreams are so important. They are a window between the world of appearance and the worlds of existence, the physical worlds and the spiritual heavens of God Almighty!

But before we continue our study and understanding of dreams, man needs to understand his nature and composition. First, man is made of two aspects which are the spiritual and the physical. The spiritual is the body that moves about when the physical body is asleep. This spiritual body is known as Soul and it is this body that is created in the image and likeness of God. The physical body is that which you can see with your two physical eyes. It comes either in the body of a male or female. It is composed biologically of flesh, bones and blood. Now, man is only aware of the physical body. He is not aware of the Soul body. But Soul controls the physical body and when you are not aware as Soul, you live and exist in the world of ignorance and limitation, the world of appearance, the world of illusion.

This spiritual body is known and called Soul. It has the same attributes with God: Wisdom, Freedom, and Power. These three attributes combined are known as love or Divine Love. In other words, Soul is endowed with wisdom, freedom to choose and the power to take decisions about its destiny. The Soul body has access to the heavens of God moment by moment. It does not die. It is eternal. But it requires a Hu-man bodyto function on the physical plane, hence you wear the HU-man body in your spiritual education on the physical plane. It also shares 3 characteristics with God: Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience. It is all- powerful, all-present, and all-knowing! But if you look at the man of today, he hardly knows beyond his physical body. He is a king begging for a crust of bread!

Now the HU-man body is born, grows, matures, gets old and dies. It has a motor that powers it. But this motor is not known but according to the first law of motion, a body continues to remain at rest until an external force compels it to move. That external force is known as Soul. But man continues to live with agricultural produce from the soil and its nutrients, grows up, gets a job after school, gets married, has kids, amasses so much wealth, grows old, and dies living his wealth behind without knowing the purpose and the meaning of life. His HU-man body dies and gets rotten and eventually returns to its original source, the soil and the cycle is complete. But we have witnessed so many cases of individuals seeing relatives who died long ago in their dreams. Perhaps we may ask which body did they use when the physical body has rotten away in the soil?

Man, know thyself!

Your dreams are your eternal link between your spiritual bodies and the physical. Without studying and understanding your dreams, you deny yourself the opportunity to know more about yourself and life!


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