The Puzzle Of Freedoms And Of Global Disorder



Our increasingly freer world is but moving towards anarchy. Individualism and money are its ultimate ideals. Its depraved appetite and its outbursts of conflicts are escalating into full-scale anarchy.

Anarchy is a system of conflicts that comprises unimaginable human actions devoid of controls. The actions are being inspired by numerous theories and conceptions of freedom. Charles Darwin’s 1859 theory of natural selection or survival of the fittest, is being particularly taken advantage of, to propagate a global freedom agenda. Not freedom from imperialist domination; but freedom from all other immediate authorities over the individual.

The Western liberal order is overextending the freedom of the individual towards a new absolute, in which humans would compete ruthlessly for existence, without any immediate government, with society merely being a place of voluntary alliances.

Absolute freedom of speech and of thought is equivalent in effect to absence of authority or other controlling systems. Accordingly, governments, today, are auctioning off everything to the highest bidder and limiting their roles to policing and courts.

Organizations proclaiming fundamental freedoms, have not quite restrained the harmful freedom of people confronting each other for resources.

For as populations are exceeding  resources, humans are begining to crowd and to interfere with each other’s means of existence. People’s freedom to live a life that suit them has been extending to deprivation of others while theories of absolute freedom continue to  serve them as incitement to take possession of the things of others, by use.

Again, new theories of freedom, advocating absent or lesser role of government, have created possibilities for rise of diverse armed groups, who harbour restless aspirations for well-being, and who call for increased autonomy, or the true federalization of their region.

Instead of increasing budgets for food and basic amenities, to quench the uneasiness and the uprisings, political leaders resort to self-preservation in the face of the uprisings by boosting security budgets – as any efforts in providing for the people could violate the global agenda of “freedom” for everyone to complete for survival.

As freedoms become more boundless, the propensity increases for global anarchy. Why really are improved freedoms attracting more global disorder? Understanding the puzzle and, accordingly, doing the right things will bring peace and good order to the world.




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