Destiny is a word associated with ‘that which cannot be changed’ and is often viewed with trepidation. It is often associated with the will of God for man and therefore, man cannot escape whatever fate would befall him based on ‘his destiny’

In some other circles, man is also said to have been born with a particular destiny and as such, no matter what man does in life, his destiny will remain the same. In other words, there are some events that have been programmed to happen in the life of the individual. These and other theories abound in life to confuse man the more. So instead of man delving into what he cannot unravel, man will prefer not to comment on this most encompassing phenomenon known as destiny

What actually is destiny?, Can destiny be changed, altered, delayed or completely removed from one’s life? How about freewill, if man has freewill how come he is kept immobile by the fear of destiny? Is destiny the same as the will of God for man? Is destiny related to karma and reincarnation?

Destiny is actually an aspect of the law of Karma and Reincarnation which makes a man to be responsible for his thoughts, words and actions and inactions while in this training school called Earth or the lower universes. When man is given the opportunity to come to the lower worlds and live life, he should realize that life did not begin by birth nor does it end at death. For man is Soul clothed in HU-man form that enables man to continue to reincarnate time and time again to reap either his good deeds or reap the bad ones in a process that allows man to live life in a million or more times and in different forms.

In fact life is a perpetually balancing of accounts. Man is credited with the good he sows, and debited with his evil or unloving actions. These actions go on and on while man continues his lessons on giving and receiving the divine love of God. The main reason for man to learn how to appropriate this love of God is for man to one day graduate and become a Co-worker in the numerous universes of God.

In other words the thoughts, words and actions of man, whether good or bad compels man to payback until man fully develops the capacity to love. His loving actions one day leads him to meet with the special Agent of God that prepares man for his journey back home to God.

When man is unable to completely balance his accounts while in life, these actions are transferred into what is known as reserve karma because these are actually continuous. The reserve karma eventually becomes fate karma that eventually decides where man is born, the timing of his birth, the color of his skin, etc that becomes the unchangeable part of his life. Thus all experiences that man would ‘have to pay for’ or ‘reap’ would be part of his karma for that lifetime.

But when soul is born in the HU-man form, he is given an opportunity to start life afresh with all his past actions erased from his mind. However, man is given the power of imagination and freewill. The experiences of man are thus his choices and thoughts made visible. Through the process of imagination and thinking, man unknowingly starts to create future events in his life. But if man is spiritually endowed, then man consciously strives to control his thoughts, words and actions since they are likely to affect his future lives, which more or less becomes man’s destiny.

So can destiny be altered?

Man ignorantly continues to pray to God on a daily basis without trying to find out the will of God in different situations because man is not trained spiritually to understand the will of God for man. If man were trained on how to recognize the will of God on a daily basis, man would never need to pray to God for his daily needs which can be abundantly supplied. But since man has chosen the path of ignorance, that is, not trying to understand himself nor try to understand God, man will continue to jump from one religion to the other until he comes to understand that the way to the understanding of God and the will of God resides within man.

The selfish man believes he can make things happen in his own way and his own time. This is why we see so many religious groups praying fervently to God either through prayers or fasting but it is pertinent to know that whether man prays or fasts for forty days and forty nights, man would reap whatever he has sown either in this lifetime or the next. This is the destiny of man as administered through the Lords of Karma. There is no begging or certain commission that would take away man’s wrong doing. It must be paid for in the true coin.

Any man who believes in any other way is living in self delusion.

It is because of these ignorant beliefs that make Nigerians to always pray to God when eitherNigeriais playing football withBrazilorArgentina. They believe they can persuade God to favorNigeriaoverBrazil. Whose side will God be during a football match? God will definitely be on the side of that country who prepares more for the match than the one that relies on prayers. God does not take sides in football matches or any events in the life of man. For creation has been concluded and it is the responsibility of man to understand the program of God for man and creation through the laws of physical manifestation.

No new thing is created under the sun. For all possible situations and events that would occur in the life of the individual is already in existence. It is only when man wakes up to its understanding that he discovers this truth or he continues to function in ignorance.

So how can man cope with or escape destiny?

For those who know, the solution to destiny or the karma of man is love.

But man has not been taught the way of love so how would man generate this divine love of God so as to start working out most of his indiscretions? The best way to generate this divine love of God is to sing the love song to God known as HU. Repeating this word constantly for a specific period will help man link up with the divine love of God. This love, when sufficiently generated is capable of opening man’s heart to God’s love. When man is trained and imbued with this love of God, then he is ready to be a channel for this love of God to all life.

Since man’s actions are now guided by love he creates no more karma that would affect his future lives. This is the path of self responsibility.

When man has generated sufficient love in his heart, he is then given an opportunity to meet with the Godman who then removes him from the wheel of going and coming, the wheel of karma and re-incarnation, the wheel of destiny.

Man then begins his journey back home to God and towards spiritual freedom.###


By Tuborki Dauyemie