Never Allow Your Hurt To Get To Your Mind

Hurt in relationship is something that is a must in one way or the other provided one is into relationship and alive.

Married couples too are in one way or the other have accidental hurt from time to time, but the most effective hurt when one partner dumped one and follows another partner, mostly when the relationship is gathering much attention from the public and associates of those concerned.

Types of Hurts

(1)        When one partner sleeps with the other partner’s friend or sister or brother.

(2)        When a partner sleeps with the woman’s mother

(3)        When a female partner sleeps with the dad of his male partner

(4)        Where a female friend sleeps with his male partner’s friend

(5)        Where a sister sleeps with her male partner

(6)        Hurt resulting from lying against one’s partner that sends the partner into jail and more.

Such situations call for deep penetration of pain and emotional dislocation that is capable of causing sickness and damage in the body system.

This is where Soulmate is coming handy with these advice, in situation like these, try as much as you could not to allow the effect of what had happened to you register in your mind.

Know this, anything registered into the mind gives multiple interpretations which can react in your brain.

Therefore, to avoid this unfortunate situation that would follow from the reactions, please avoid acknowledging that something terrible had happened to you.

The more you ignore the idea of registering what had happened to you by the most cherished friend or relation of trust you have, the better for you to have successfully got rid of that temptation of you further going to cause more damage to your system.

Know also that anything registered into the subconscious mind comes up with action. And if that happens, the effect would not yield positive result to you who had been affected and the society in anyway.

Why would you not allow what had happened to you register in your mind?

Because if you do allow it register into your mind, the mind will definitely send the negative message to all parts of the body, the brain first, to the flesh, the joints and after sending it to all parts of the body system; it will finally surface in the flesh like a volcanic eruption.


What Steps To Be Taken To Curb The Hurt

(1)        First please avoid discussing what had happened to you with anyone, not even your most trusted friends.

(2)        Do not try to think about what had happened to you. Doing that will be inviting more negative actions that would come from your mind. And I tell you, this action would never be positive, either to you or your offender.

(3)        Try as much as you could to kneel down and have a deep prayer, allowing Yahweh to take charge of the present situation.

(4)        Never be tempted to resorting to drinking, as is the common case with people who are hurt or heartbroken. Doing this would also multiple your pain and sorrow.

(5)        Moments like this could be better taken care of by reading psalms, proverbs and the scriptures

(6)        Do not try to play any video or music that is emotional, doing this would only evoke more emotion that will lead you into negative action, which if allowed the result will not be pleasant.

(7)        Please, never try to be alone, find something to engage your mind, scripturally, which will appeal to your mind and bold system.

(8)        Pick your scriptures with you and move to nature. Go to the quiet seashore or move to a silent bush path where you would hear the birds sing melodious songs and watch the wind or breeze  caress the trees in the most wonderful manner.

(9)        Avoid concentration of the immediate environment of the scene of the hurt. When doing this, please keep your phone off completely.

(10)      Do not in anyway allow anyone talk to you of the incident that caused the hurt. Yes, it is true that the one that is emotionally painful is the one that you love dumping you. This calls for immediate reaction.

Some in such situation become sick, some are bedridden, some are hypertensive and some still never come up with a heart to love again.

The most common ill condition that is associated with hurt of heart break is hypertension. Hurt is not something to talk with another person. Yes, they may come in the guise of advising you, but that only makes you to remember what had been done to you by your most trusted partner or friend.

Please do well to trust more of Yahweh your creator than man on earth. What had been done to you had happened over and over again since the creation of the world. And those that it happened to survived. It depends on how you handle hurt in relationship.

A man or woman may disappoint you in a relationship, it does not mean that you will not have another partner in life. Some times the next partner that will come your way would even be better than the one who never valued you, such is life, so when it happened, ladies, please go and pray for your divinely approved partner instead of thinking of killing yourself.

Soulmate would take this time to advise the lady fold to be careful who they say yes to when going into relationship. Not every man or woman is a partner, know today that any man or woman who does not regard your person is not your partner. If you would want to avoid heart breaks and hurts please avoid such people.

Never say had I known at least when the deed had been done on you. But you should have weighted the possibility of your making it with him or her at the onset.

This is where material gains and physical looks do not help ladies and young men who dashed into relationship or marriage. Send your comments and reactions to this line 08082649997. See you next week. Go buy your “The Newswriter” every Thursday.



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Dear Editor, I am texting you from Ghana,  through the internet I am your guest, this you do not know I suppose, I am Kuffor, I had been influenced by the way you write about the creator’s personal name “Yahweh” and your strength in presentation of herbal and star service, please keep it up. When I come to Nigeria, I will try to meet with you.

Response: Waoh, all the way from Ghana, who says Soulmate is not going places?

Thank you Kuffor sure you can meet me, just keep me informed when you are in Nigeria, may Yahweh continue to bless you for identifying with us.


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