The Aspiring Great Man

I will go to the glare

To that which make men, men

I know, through pains and sorrow

In this secular existence

Where nothing comes so easy


I must know to bear all pains

Sorrow to sown in reaping happiness

I know also at the end, friends will come

Through the effort and pain, I will enjoy

For me also to reach the peak

Where all great men are found


In mind and self denial

I must sow, eat and sheep

Where at times I will be a sleep

To be elephant in searching heart

Seasons and times to be my friends

To guide and counsel my slippering heart

Till heaven glorious hands lift me up

Where all happiness will be celebrated

In true public admiration established

This I know, so heaven mercy I always crave.


By Allanso Jonathan Allanso

Aka: The Mirror Poet