Your Questions Answered! (1)

question marksI would like to use the opportunity of the season to thank the numerous contributors to this column for your kind reactions to ‘Towards Spiritual Freedom’. I have therefore decided to dedicate the last two editions of this year to your questions. I was not able to take your questions earlier simply because I need to go on spiritual vacation in Obamaland where I needed to re-charge my Spiritual Batteries to enable me serve you guys better.

The Journey of Soul in the lower worlds of matter, space, time and energy is to enable it unfold and realize Its Godlike qualities, know Itself as Soul, know God and eventually graduate to become a Co-worker with God. The purpose of Soul is therefore to serve all life with love and compassion for those who are yet to ‘see’ the road to God. Reading about God in Holy Books can never take the individual to God. The way to God lies within the individual at the center of the forehead, in-between the two eyebrows and my duty is to lead any interested individual to the Living Word who has the responsibility of training Souls to be able to open their Spiritual Eye so that such individuals can visit the Kingdom of Heaven before death of the physical body. The story of such individual can then be recorded in Holy Books for others to quote from.

The following questions came in text format but have been re-written in full without changing the original message in question.

Is HU ascribed to God by your religion or is it universal? Is it that there are no other names that can transport man to God?

Thank you very much for this question. There are more than a billion names for God given by different tribes of mankind and in different languages. But these names were given to God based on the understanding of God by those different tribes. The word God was formed by the Englishman and has been known as the official name for God. Other names include Chukwu, Abasi, Tamara, Olorun, Eledumare, Chineke, Bari, Allah , etc. These are different names given to God by man. But the HU is the name God gave to Itself, for Itself by Itself. All other names only describe man’s understanding of God based on man’s spoken language. But the HU is the name that demands a response from God because it is the Sound of God that reverberates in every living thing and all inanimate things. It is the Holy and Sacred name of God.

The HU is the only name of God that can transport man into the heart of God and make man to experience God on a one-on-one basis because each individual must concretize his own desire for God in action by making contact directly. No individual can help another contact God because this is against the spiritual law God. People do not go to God enmass but individually despite the fact that most religions say otherwise. Each must find his way to God or continue to experience perpetual death and rebirth through man- made religions.

The HU is the sound of the Holy Spirit of God in man. This Holy Spirit is the Voice of God that permeates the whole of creation. No one can live outside the Holy Spirit. In IT we live, move and have our being. When man closes his eyes and blocks his ears with his forefinger, he can hear this sound of HU clearly within himself. It is the sound of the rushing wind, the roar of the sea, the sound of raindrops, the sound of the crying baby, the thoughts of the old near death, the chirping of birds, the bleating of goats and of course the Sound of all sounds. This is the sound Soul rides on Its journey back home to God. All other journeys through other religion will lead back to the HU the Holy and Sacred name of God.

How can man sing the HU and when ?

The HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God can be sung any where but not for selfish reasons. For instance, I was standing at Leventis Bus Stop years ago and there were a lot of commuters waiting for buses for their various destinations. I sang HU quietly for a few minutes to bring the love of God to bear on the situation. Within minutes, many buses came and the place was evacuated with everyone having a bus to ride. I waited until another bus came before I boarded.

In situations like this one does not dictate to God what to do but merely serves as a channel for the love of God to flow to other creatures of God irrespective of religious bias. HU does not belong to any religion so it can be sung by anyone who desires God fervently. But no religion can survive without the HU.

Man can sing the HU before bedtime to align his dreams or early in the morning upon awakening to ensure that things are put in perspective for the day. The individual should find a quiet place where he would not be disturbed. He should find a chair or couch, sit in tailor fashion with eyes closed to avoid distraction. When the physical eyes are closed, the spiritual eye becomes active. This is why man can only recollect his dreams when his eyes are closed and fast asleep.

Once in this position the individual should take deep breadths and allow thoughts of love to permeate the mind. The individual should then sing HU for about ten to twenty minutes. He should then end with ‘May the blessings Be!’ This simply means ‘God, let thy will be done!’. This is because the HU is simply a love Song to God. It is a non-directional prayer that seeks nothing from God.

The HU however can be sung anywhere but quietly. It can be sung at the airport, market, home on the road, hospitals etc but not to direct God. Those who tell God what to do only exhibit their ignorance on God. God is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent so why tell God what to do? It is only an indication that the individual does not know God or himself. He is only a Spiritual Kindergarten

How about other names that people call God, are they capable of contacting God?

God loves all Soul equally but man does not love God equally. The result of this difference is the numerous religions we have on earth today. Man is therefore free to choose any name of God that he wants but he should not complain if he does not get a feedback from God because of the limitation of his religion. Man will continue to suffer until he finds the right name to draw God’s attention. It is the decision of man to make this happen himself for God has given all of us freewill to choose whatever we want. But for any individual who has been searching for God and truly desires God, such an individual should sing the HU to contact God directly without any intermediaries whatsoever. This is the direct connection to God that is capable of giving man understanding about life.

To be continued



By Tuborki Dauyemie