Support Empowerment Programme for Young Women: Thanking Excelsis Diadem Services

I want to start with a brief story that will motivate any well meaning individual that is reading this page.
My late grandfather told me a story when he was alive about a young man in his village. He said, the young man was fond of stealing people goat, chicken, yam, unfried garri, palm fruit and cassava in the night.
Studying this young man, he saw that the young man was always idle in the day time, he uses his daytime as his sleeping period and in the night, he will go out to commit havoc.
My grandfather said, he called the young man one day, and asked him if he can take care of his palm plantation as people are trespassing on the land. He answered yes.
My grandpa employed him as caretaker of the palm plantation.
My grandpa continues his story that before 6am in the morning, the young man will be in the farm to oversee the activity going on there and to keep the environment lively.
By 6.30 – 7.00pm, he will be back home to rest from the day activities. He added that by 8.30-9.00pm, the young man is on the sleeping because of tiredness from the day activity.
Grandpa told me that by this regular routine, the young man stop stealing because he is always sleeping in the night.
The essence of the above story is to know the importance of empowerment. Empowering young people to have something doing will safe the community, local government, the state, the nation and the society at large.
Skill is very important in the life of every human being. The reason why technicians earns more than some university graduates is because the technicians acquire more practical skills than the theories, unlike the graduates who were fed with theoretical experiences while in the university. Skill can take someone to places which ordinarily you wouldn’t have expected to be.
Unemployment is one of the causes of rapid growth in crime in many parts of the world. Today, there are many unemployed graduates in the country that speak more grammar but no money in their pocket because of lack of skill.
A skilled person can survive in any environment. As water is very essential to human life, so is skill training and acquisition needed in the life of every serious minded human being. Skills can do a lot of great work in the life of every living soul. Lack of entrepreneurial skill is one of the major causes of corruption.
Those who have many skills stand the chance of gaining more jobs from many establishments. People who have many skills are being searched for by any companies.
The former governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi gave a shocking statement while addressing the corpers during their 2013/2014 passing out parade, he told the corpers that the government did not have any job for them, that they should go there and create job opportunities for themselves.
Such a statement gave me concern as an individual that skill acquisition is very essential to an individual.
Looking at skill acquisition, it is as important to human existence as water is to life.
This bring the Women Focus to say a big thank you to “Excelsis Diadem Services” who have deem it necessary to bring young people from the street to become stars in different area of interest.
Our team of journalist took a walk to Excelsis Diadem Service to see the good work that the Lord have place in the heart of Mr. Emmanuel Owubokiri who have single-handedly organize a programme of skill acquisition to give meaning and future to the young people.
Mr. Emmanuel Owubokiri a soft-spoken, intelligent and smart young man, is the director of Excelsis Diadem Services, who organize free of charge skill acquisition programme quarterly for young people to reduce the rate of crime in Port Harcourt metropolis and beyond. He has trained individuals who can now stand on their own to feed and to give a helping hand to other people.
When asked what is the reason behind this vision or why this vision, his words “The idea behind the exceisis Diadem Services is passion to raise young people and the less privilege to have a meaningful future. There are so many young people that cannot meet up life challenges because of lack of money”.
He has a group of tutors who train students on Catering/Baking, Bead/Hat, Ankara Craft/Accessories, Computer/Maintenance, Video/Photo Coverage, Make up/Gele Tying, Shoe/Bag Making, Production of Soap, Izal, Vaseline, Bleach etc.
Of a truth such services demand a word of appreciation from a sincere heart.
Women Focus is using this medium to say “Thank You, Excelsis Diadem Services” for giving meaning to our young people.
If the government can listen to militant who carry gun to destroy lives and property, I think, the government should also look at the direction of one who want to arrest kidnapping, prostitution, pick-pocket, etc from among the young people.
Many governments are still finding it difficult to provide jobs for its citizens but because its citizens are lacking important skill they need.
There will be a lot of jobs generated for the citizens of every country, if the citizens are well equipped with skills.
This is why Women Focus is using this medium to call on the government and well meaning individuals to partner with Excelsis Diadem Service to sustain this good vision of bringing young people from dungeon to become star in their area of interest.
Excelsis Diadem Services will be graduating her May/June students come Saturday 24th June, 2017. you are invited.

Friday Nse Edith