Women of Purpose

“Many women of old have left their footprints on the sand of time through their outstanding contributions to the society and humanity in general”.
Womanhood is such a wonderful and challenging experience. The woman was created by divine plan to fulfill a unique, definite purpose …..”but for Adam there was not found a helpmeet for him ……And the rib which the Lord God hath taken from man, made he a woman” Gen. 2:20-22.
As someone created out of necessity and not by accident, every woman without exception is expected by God to live a godly, purposeful, meaningful and successful life.
Some women not only by choice, but also by divine enablement have excelled extraordinarily in fulfilling their God assigned roles. These women have singled themselves to make a name for themselves and for generation to follow their footprints.
Right from the day of old, many women have chosen to be celebrated and not to be demoted. Despite the load of responsibilities on them as typical women – domestic chores, secular occupations etc, these women had defiled all odds to accomplish great things for God, themselves and for others around them. They were women of “like passion” as we are, yet they were outstanding in accomplishments. They too were “weaker vessels” yet they did what some men could not do. We owe a lot to these pioneers of great success. We may never be able to exhaust the rich benefits and blessings their lives offer. Imagine a world without the woman.
As a woman what will you be remembered for? What will posterity see on the sand of time as your footprints? Can the unborn generation celebrate your legacy? Uptil today Mary Slessor and other outstanding women are being celebrated because they left some good keynotes behind them.
Though many women are being celebrated for their legacy(ies) and impressive contributions to the society and to humanity, but note that God is not so desperate just to pick anybody. He uses only those He can count on, those who would make up their minds to do what He has instructed them, no matter what it will cause them, to help fulfill the plan for the whole humanity.
Would you be line up these women listed below:
Mary Slessor: Mary Slessor was a Scottish missionary to Nigeria. She fought for human’s right and fought against the killing of twins and eating of human’s flesh. She abolished the barbaric tradition of the Calabar people in Nigeria and rescued hundreds of twin babies from death. Actually, in that era, if twins were born, it become a taboo to the Calabar tradition, and any woman that gave birth to twins will be in danger at that time. We celebrate twin babies as a blessing in the family today because someone sacrifices for them. Of all the male colonial masters that came to Calabar the, none could stop such barbaric tradition but a woman did.
Mary Slessor is been remembered and celebrated by twins till date, though no longer alive but her legacy lives on. She was a woman of purpose.
Emmeline Pankhurst: Emmeline Pankhurst was a British political activist and leader of British suffragette movement who helped women to win the right to vote. She took the women society into a new level from which there could be no going back. Emmeline was widely criticized for this her militant tactics but that did not discourage her. Her works are being recognized and enjoyed worldwide today.
She shaped the lives of women, making women have a meaningful opportunities by participating in political affairs of the country which have led to women active participation in politics to the extent that women occupy various executive positions in Nigeria and beyond.
Margaret Ekpo: Margaret Ekpo was a Nigerian female politician who fought for the civil rights of Nigerian women being aware of the growing movement for civil rights for women around the world urged her into demanding the same for the women in her country and to fight the discriminatory and oppressive political and civil role colonialism played in the suppression of women.
By her political rally and creation of political awareness among women, Margaret Ekpo was able to garner the trust of a large amount of women in the township and turned it into political pressure group, where she was able to use this platform to win a political seat that allowed her fight for issues affecting women at time.
Her fight for women civil rights have paved way for lots of Nigerian women at the corridor of power today in Nigeria.
These women were outstanding in their approaches and attitudes towards problems and challenges that faced them. They demonstrated total commitment to the society and humanity in general. They fought and changed the course of the society and conquered.
Can history ever be completed without these women mentioned above. Their uniqueness stands out clear for all to see. God has deposited some unique things in us that can make stand in line with these ones.
No woman ought to spend her life giving flimsy excuses or living without the belief that she is a mere “weaker vessel” without any useful potential. You are more than a mere women. The Grace of God combined with your willingness and availability can strength you to accomplish much more than you or anyone else can imagine. Even in the midst of negative circumstances and discouraging attitudes of people around you, you can achieve much more and fulfill God’s purpose for your life.
Ponder on this question: “What will you be remembered for?” Will you just pass away without making a significant impact in your home, society and humanity?

Edith Nse Friday

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