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MARRIAGE: Yahosheanism as often mentioned was of Hebrew religious method. Marriage was made a honourable institution as there was no acceptance to fornication and adultery. Polygamy was acceptable while issues of compulsory monogamy or celibacy was not part of Yahoshean’s ordinances.

Equally, divorce was never acceptable as couples were meant to enjoy their marriage life until the physical exist of any of them. Yahosheans do not hold that women can be divorced because of infidelity rather all sins are meant to be forgiven. In Yahosheanity, man is the head of the house as Yahoshea is the head of the assembly. Women are meant to submit to their husbands while the men are meant to provide for the house and to show love to the wives.

Women in turn took control of domestic affairs such as rearing of children in a holy way. Man is the spiritual head of the family and with the responsibility on teaching the children religiously but in his absence, women can take up the challenge of tutoring the children.

Yahoshean’s method of marriage was thwarted by gentile stations who admixed the principles with those of the pagan traditions. The concept of “one-man-one women” was entirely taken from Roman ancient tradition while the issue of certificate of divorce was taken from ancient Hebrew superstitions. Non were of Yahoshean’s creed.



Yahosheanism is a generous and philanthropic driven movement. Though, it has a spiritual rituals of tithe payment, offerings and arms giving, adherents are stocked with the attitude of generous communal lifestyle. Adherents are cultured on alms giving, eating together of brethren on Sabbath days and other festivals, exchange of visits amongst members, fellowshipping and acts of piety.

Deacons were appointed to manage welfare activities among brethren or congregation. The deacons endeavours to extend the generosity to non-members especially to the poor and needy.



Yahosheanism like the Hebrew traditional religion is spirit led movement and each adherent is taught of the spirit presence. As a spirit-filled movement, all acts are regulated by the celestial messengers of Yahweh and each convert is meant to be conscious of such fact. These unseen celestial beings regulate member’s attitudes and apportion spiritual discipline when necessary.

Beside the operations of the celestial messengers, the elders of a congregation often convene to settle disputes between members. The elders may administer disciplinary measure upon an erring member.

To remain holy and focused, Yahosheans are trained to live by the directions of Yahoshea Meshiyach and to confess their sins whence a member sins. The confession are either done publicly or to elders or to any member of the faith.

The confessor will be rebuked by the brethren in case of public or by the member that received the confession. When a Yahoshean commits sin in an environment of non available member to receive his or her confession, the confessor may observe “self-confession” and to confess to another when he comes across a fellow convert.

Confessions in Yahosheanism is a healing method that releases a confessor from ailment attracted by his or her sin. A true Yahoshean must receive repercussion of his or her evil deeds within short period of time and is expected to confess the sin and promise not to commit it again. Resistance to confession of sins by true Yahoshean may lead to his or her physical exit.

Equally, a half-baked Yahoshean may not be twined into strong spiritual discipline and may not receive repercussion after sinning. Such grade of Yahoshean is a nominal member who may not know when he or she errs or out of the track. Yahosheans are taught to be peaceful, merciful, forgiving, generous, loving and humble. Deviations from such important virtues attracts spiritual discipline.



Based on the teaching of Yahoshea Meshiyach, the movement believes on a “single force” which it identifies as Yahweh. The movement do not recognize the concept of opposing forces of God and Satan as held by Christendom and other religious thoughts.

Originally, the Hebrew traditional religion held to a singular power but during Persian captivity, they learnt about existence of satan.

Yahosheanism holds that Yahweh is the only existing force and that man is his image or likeness who has power of thought and possess the freewill to choose. The movement believe that man can be righteous only when he obey the laws of Yahweh and becomes a sinner when he transgress the law.

The movement hold that man is free to use his or her thought either in positive or negative way. All thoughts generate their nature of action which equally breed their due reactions. Yahosheans hold that men’s actions are effected through either their “thoughts of good” or “thoughts of evil”. The movement therefore dismisses the belief of existence of opposite force satan as mythology and superstition.

Based on this concept, Yahosheanism do not recognized the existence of satan, Judgment Day, Armageddon, hellfire or such related concepts. The movement believes that each action bread reaction and each life time is succeeded by another as means of continuation of each life.

The movement hold to the doctrine of “Karma” and “re-incarnation”. Yahoshea Meshiyach taught his disciples that Yohannah the Baptizer was the prophet Eliyah of old. This was a true explanation of the existence of re-incarnation. He equally taught them that “whatsoever one soweth, same shall such person reap” and “that he who sow corn will reap corn and he who sow grape must reap same.” This was equally an explanation of the doctrine of Karma.

Yahosheanism hold to the eternal nature of spirit and that each lifetime will be continued in next lifetime bearing along its fruits of labour. The tradition hold that each translated soul journeys into the land of the spirit where it rests for some period based on the gravity of its Karma. Souls are confided into various degrees of spiritual dimensions.

The first dimensions of the spirit world are enumerated as the first, second and third heavens in which earthbound spirits are confinded. The next range is from the fourth heaven upwards where “reformed souls” are kept. The earthbound spirits are subject to reincarnations to enable them to be refined and Passover to the fourth heaven and above that are for the conditioned souls.

On the forces behind negative spiritual operations on earth, Yahosheanism hold that the spirits of the earthbound are behind negative spiritual activities on earth. The earthbound spirits uses evil men or pseudo-spiritualists on earth to teach and practice negative crafts. These evil action are ignorantly termed as acts of satan and demons by Christendom and other religious traditions.

Non-believe of the existence of satan is one of the primary features that distinguish the Hebrew traditional religion with other traditions and such thought was continued by Yahosheanism.



Many centuries before the birth and ministry of Yahoshea Meshiyach and his apostles, there were varieties of religious traditions scattered all over in many urban cities and localities and many of

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