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NYESOMThe Rivers State Local Government laws of 2012 as amended provides for the constitution of Caretaker administration in a situation where the conduct of local council polls is not feasible.
As it is the duty of the state house of Assembly to promulgate and regulate the running of the LGA’s in consonance with the nation’s constitution, the Rivers State house of Assembly had just screened the electoral body and was inaugurated by the state governor recently.
The fact remains that the commission is working hard on the conduct of local council poll which it is believed that, soon it will come up with something.
With this awareness, there is need for a caretaker government at the various councils. But what are the duties of these chairmen and their committee other than the provisions of the constitution as enshrined in the fourth schedule of the 1999 constitution as amended.
The first 3 months of the councils administration under the performing governor, Nyesom Wike, winds up in September, 2015 and indications are emerging that these chairmen may be allowed for another 3 months making their two tenure of 6 months.
However, the questions on the lips of the people are, “will it be another 3 months of non-performance? “will the chairmen aside from payment of salaries do well for the second tenure? And others.
The expectations of citizens are indeed very high on whether the LG bosses would put smiles on the faces of electorates even as the state governor is presently demonstrating, to corroborate the essence of the creation of that government.
Local Government Area, is the third tier of Government. It is provided for administrative convenience in other to bring governance close to the grassroots. Local Government serves as the contact between the populace or the citizenry at the grassroot and the government at the state as well as the federal government.
Local Government creation is a provision of the country’s constitution, as provided in section 7 of the 1999 Constitution as amended. “The system of local government councils is under this constitution guaranteed; and according, the Government, of every state shall subject to section 8 of this constitution, ensure their existence under a law which provides for the establishment, structure, composition, finance and functions of such councils”.
As stated in the opening paragraph of this episode, the third tier of government is provided by the Nigerian law or Constitution to enhance governance or administration as to enable the citizenry participate, contribute and appraise the working of the government mandated by the people.
Regrettably, the system which came into existence through an act of the National Assembly in obedience to the constitution is yet to deliver its essence to the people for no just course. It is no doubt, the people on the emergence of the third tier system were seen to be excited since the government is being made or brought home to its citizens.
Unarguably, the reverse is the case in situation where almost all elected Chairmen for 3 years tenure inclusive of appointed caretaker committee chairmen focuses on ill ways to siphon the council’s funds meant for projects to their private accounts.
Without apology, some of the Chairmen either elected or appointed throughout their tenure are ignorant of the functions of the local government system, they had neither read nor implement the constitution not to mention practicalizing it since their targets are to divert the project monies for unprofitable ventures by enriching themselves other than the respective LGA’s.
In 100 days, the executive governor of Rivers State, Chief Barr. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, CON, has demonstrated what qualified him as best chairman and chairman of ALGON from 1999 to 2007, when he practically tourched all the sectors within 100 days.
Barr. Wike, may not be the best administrator but he has showcase his love for the state as did when he was the chairman of Obio/Akpor LGA.
What then would one say, that some of the care-taker chairmen under a performing governor who eventually was a chairman are performing below expectations.
Now that the governor has shown his prowess and will in delivering dividends of democracy it is expected that chairmen should within these 3 or 6 months prove to the people their capability in handling public funds or why the people should entrust to them further responsibilities if at all.
It is regrettably indeed, to notice that some chairmen in the present administration of councils in Rivers State have not done anything. These set of chairmen have not signed even the routine certificate of origin or identification letter of their respective councils since inception on July, 9th, 2015.
So bad it is, that some of them lacks managerial ability hence do not know how to go about the activities or their local governments. Some of them branded or make the media their adversaries thereby making things difficult for their councils.
Issues Abattoir view with dismay that some of these CTC Chairmen have not considered the provisions of the fourth schedule and section 7 of the 1999 Constitution “functions of a Local Government Councils”, hence have not venture into any of it in their 3 months in office.
While Issues Abattoir applauds those who strive to do the needful, its also her opinion that those chairmen who are ignorant of their responsibilities and functions to the grassroots should be denied second term of another 3 months.
Apart from the fact of reaching or trying others, their sins should be revealed to them to serve as deterrent to others who may seem dancing like them (the president).
The essence of local government administration in section 7 and its functions as spelt out in the fourth schedule of the 1999 constitution as amended must be adhere to without hesitation.
If within 100 days the governor of the state was able to perform with the available little resources, then the CTC chairmen should also consider the people other than their private enrichment to justify the status of local government caretaker administration, especially in Rivers State.
The time to develop the LGA’s is now, therefore, men with integrity should be given the opportunity to lead the grassroots.
With James Mgboineme

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