POPE’S Resignation

It is no longer news that Pope Benedict the XVI has resigned as pope of the Catholic Church. The German Government is worried about the resignation of their son as pope of the Catholic. The resignation actually was greeted with mixed feelings across the world. In the Catholic church, there is no retirement age for a pope.. The position of pope is sacred and the election of new pope by the council of cardinals is a serious issue that is not played with.

The real name of Pope Benedict the XVI is Joseph Razanga. The eighty five years old pope saw reason to resign based on his health condition. Ordinarily, there is no law in Roman Catholic Church that prohibits resignation, if the person so desire. And there is no penalty if such is done. The position of Pope is for life. Unlike some churches there is age limit for retirement of their highest clergy man. Roman Catholic Church is the largest church in the world in terms of spread and membership.

The position of the Pope influences many matters be it politics or economics around the world. The Pope of Roman Catholic is seen as the world number one man of God whose decisions are respected by world leaders.

The headquarters of the church is Vatican City in Italy. Indeed, Italian government has respect for government run in Vatican City. In the world, the city is seen as a country where pope rules and takes decisions. The city also has citizens. The Catholic faithful and some Christian some times go on pilgrimage to Rome, the capital of Italy.

It is obvious that the announcement of pope Benedict’s the XVI resignation gave room to public opinion polls. In the same vein some analysts have analyzed the resignation to mean many things. But the pope was emphatically clear on this issue that his health can no longer carry him to do the onerous job of running the government of Vatican City and leadership Catholic Church around the world. Indeed, it must be made known to the world that ill health cannot support governance especially when old age is also an issue.

Yes, it was hard for such decision to be taken, considering the huge benefits and power and authority attach to Catholic pontiff. Most of the Catholic popes die in service. But Pope Benedict the XVI chose to resign to see his successor. He has made history in this modern age of Catholicism. The resignation has given room to history to come on board.

For interval of six hundred years another pope has resigned. It is a good record for Catholic faithful across the world. Six hundred years is not a short time for such occurrence to take place in church administration. As it is now, Pope Benedict XVI has made up his mind to support his successor and also be loyal to the new government. His new dressing would be mainly white cassock.

He formally made his resignation public on Thursday 28th of February 2013. The Mammoth Crowd listening to his last speech was moved as they were shedding tears. Indeed, Pope Benedict XVI waved his hands to the watching while delivering his last sermon as a Catholic Pope. Life is history and history is life. Pope Benedict XVI has made a unique history in this modern where people are privilege to be in power want to die in power.

The council of cardinals has an urgent duty now to elect a new pope in the shortest possible time to succeed Pope Benedict XVI who has resigned. He will live life in isolation. Life is wonderful when someone takes unprecedented decision that changes the course of history.

As it is for now, the world is expecting a new Pope to emerge from the council of cardinals to assume the position of papacy. Indeed, election of a new pope goes through rigorous Catholic traditions which are believed to be sacred. Therefore, as the world awaits the emergence of a new pope, the council of cardinals should elect the pope base on the tradition of Catholic Church in history. ###


Frank Eneawaji Ogwuonuonu


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