Towards An Effective Power Supply In Nigeria

Electricity (power) is a major resource in this contemporary era for human existence. Without power/electricity there is chaos in the world especially in the Western world where people loose properties and lives as a result of power failure (black out).

Power today is an important commodity to the citizens of any nation because it helps in homes and commercial places and as such its availability should inevitably be consistent.

In Nigeria consistent power supply is a serious problem as bills are skyrocketed and less power is being received by those who pay these bills and in most cases that which is being paid for is not even received at all but bills are being issued out to be paid.

Proactive measures are needed because even with the privatization of the power sector (electricity) the country still experience inadequate power supply around the states of the nation, also some residential areas are selected to be the area that are bonafide beneficiaries of power because some high profiled persons in state and national levels reside there, which in turn makes such places.

The effectiveness of power supply in Nigeria can only be done by the government through the power sector (ministry), laws should be established and the consequences of such laws should mettle with any defaulter and citizens should be enlightened about such laws, their rights on such laws and its importance, also bills should not be skyrocketed yet power is not being received by individuals paying for it, also when strategies are laid out by the power sector to make things more effective and reliable, there should be any announcement of any vision without any appropriate plan to achieve such visions as it makes our leaders sound and look ineffective and unreliable.

Summarily, it is true “Rome was not built in a day” but “neither was it built on delay and procrastination”. The vision and drive to achieve their goal with a workforce of sacrifice which made Rome what is today as to every great city in and around the globe. So every idea gotten by leaders should be utilized and made a reality not just giving stories, as our nation government has become a bastion of appointment, where they appoint anyone not because the person has anything to offer but for personal relationship and most leaders are not visionary

There is an adage that “If the head (leader) is dead (unproductive), no matter how the body (followers) try it can achieve nothing. ###