A Letter to

My Mum


Dearest mum,

 How are you? I know you are pretty and witty!

As for me, I am somewhere down the lane of isolation unfolding something golden.

  One and fifty is fun and hefty.

 I know you have numerous children;

I stand to write on behalf of my brethren.

We should not be denied the access to knowledge,

 There is nothing greater than this privilege.

 Give us the keys to success padlock

 So we don’t fall victims of bad luck.

My beautiful heroine, show the youths the way that is good

Else they might end up becoming rude.

 Teach them how to become rich.

 Let your wealth go round them like belt…


Our method of growing up has made us freely learn

About some secrets of life’s dangers

 That in turn has given us the skills to carefully handle strangers. May my darling mother grant all her brood equal right

If she does, she shall be increased in might!

If she can humbly learn from her little son

All her offsprings will live in fun.

 It will also make them hide in her pride.

 The world knows your potential is essential

 I wish you sincerely handle corruption:

For she is your greatest adversary.

Don’t forget about the billions set aside for your fifty-first anniversary

 No matter how generous you are, you can never satisfy all men. They are ever ready to eat like a hen.

 I believe the future is very starry

 Thanks from your lovely son around  Niger Delta Havilah Harry.







The traditions and culture of

Our people gradually dying,

Men, women and children no longer

Love their cultural heritage!

Loving western culture that’s

Eaten deep into the fabrics

Of our society.

Evident in some married women and

Men going naked!

Who’ll teach the young girls,

Young women filled with pride, honour and beauty

With whom the earth remains multiplied?

Who’ll teach the young guys to be responsible and glow with pride, honour and diligence?

Shattered traditions in our homes, society and nation

In the educational, agricultural, health, religion, socio-economic, political and other axes.

Transformation! Do we really need her?

Yes, we need reformation.

Transformation is coming, coming into our homes, 

Coming into the Niger Delta and our beloved countryNigeria.

I can see hope bringing her

I can see love bringing her

I can see unity bringing her

Yes unity and love will bind us together,

United we’ll stand but divided we’ll fall,

Yes, unity and love will bind us together.

Together we shall embrace our traditions and cultures

That will save and not destroy us!

And by the help of the Almighty God we shall be transformed,

He is the transformer, the perfect transformer.



 A.K.A The motivational French poet


Mobile: (+234) 08065189975, 07058374161






To have good vision is visionary

Every mission to do good is missionary

Every plan that remains in a state of inaction is stationary

When fancy jargon turns plans to statute it is statutory

The elites will invent excuses and throw the blue print into inventory


I can’t stand it when lies fly

Mistrust looks you in the eyes and smile’

About vision 2010 a promise that did not go a mile

I cry bitter tears another hope dumped on the pile

Hope of homes, water, even good roads our feet could ply

A dream that started with hopes high

All these were planted what we reaped was a sigh

Now at frustration’s bottom we lie.


I got angry at their artificial perplexity

When things don’t go right they feign anxiety

They thought 2010 won’t come they have plenty

Of time to do nothing, make something out of empty

Promise to rebuild our shanties

Make our salaries a bounty.


West BiokpoJoshua (08038397312





In the twinkle cocktail

I dangle the gowns of gals

And dazzle in their jingles

Just mingling in single’s salsas

Teasing around to choose damsels

But dawdle cud dizzily till dawn

With no ring finger to bangle.


I meander to linger angels yonder

And fonder their ethical orders

Quick tick as pendulum swindles

Singles sing same psalm, songs

When prophet professed on plural lassies

Making many marriage messages

Confuse whose finger to entangle for engagement


But in this nuptial search I resist

Never to rest until I find my best

Matching with same marital crest

On the hands of times aid my lens

Focused on those evasive leads

While waiting utterances at the altar

Till I do as you do too.


Engr. Owen Kyrian aka Owenlee



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