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Chienye’s Appointment Blocks Indigene’s Chance, Says Civil Servant

 As the Governor Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi swells up his cabinet with ten more commissioners, including a non indigene of the state, a senior civil servant of the state who would not want his name under print has condemned the action of the governor in its entirety, saying it is out of place for the governor to do so.

According him, Mr. Chukwuma Chienye, who is fromDeltaStatewill only succeed in serving his people from the appointment governor Amaechi has given to him.

 He stressed that with that appointment the Rivers man had been denied of a position to serve his people in his state.

According to him, such opportunity has never been given to a Rivers man in the shores ofNigeria.

The anonymous senior civil servant cited a situation where two Rivers indigenes were jealously killed because of position they were occupying in Cross Rivers state.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Igonima George from Buguma and Sobabo Dokubo, third in command in ranking as an accountant of theCrossRiversStatewere killed. He maintained that as he speaks both innocent Rivers indigenes were not buried.

He termed  Amaechi’s action as distraction from the Rivers state constitution and policy.

The anonymous senior civil servant of the state stated that in Nigeria today it is only Rivers state that is practicing one Nigeria, and because of practicing one Nigeria the state indigenes have suffered lot of set backs, adding that certain privileges and rights are not given to Rivers people when they go outside.

According to him, the position Mr. Chukwuma Chienye is occupying in theRiversStateexecutive cabinet has denied a Rivers a position to serve credibly. Giving such a chance to a none indigene he said the governor has not done well.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chukwuma Chienye who is fromDeltaStatehas spent reasonable years in Rivers |State and was Governor Amaechi’s special Adviser on ethnic and good governance in the governor’s first regime.

Speaking further he said what Amaechi could have done, if he is so pleased with his services or conduct, he could have moved Chukwuma Chienye to a national body and not to block the chance of a Rivers man.

The angry senior civil servant stated thatRiversStatedoes not have an elder statesmen forum, hence the governor could take advantage in doing whatever  he likes.

 “He is the governor of the state, but though he has full right as the governor of the state, due consultation sometimes should be taken before such appointment could have be made”, he said, citing north as the only place in Nigeria, if one was born and grew up there, such person could be given such opportunity and privilege. 

“What governor Amaechi has done is out of place in the history ofRiversState. Rivers people are only granted contract where they do business but not to appoint them into the state executive council”, He lamented, adding that Amaechi is using his position as the governor of the state to the detriment of the state indigenes. ###


Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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