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Lady Diana Ukah Wins 24th Ladies Open Golf Championship

Former lady captain of Port Harcourt club 1928 Golf section, Lady Diana Ukah has won the 24th ladies amateur open championship, beating other young girls of 25 yeas age to cart home the major trophy.
Lady Diana Ukah, an old horse in the game of golf is a well advanced lady, yet she squared it out with young ladies of 25 -30 years, beating them all to claim the championship round, in a championship that well over 250, both Nigeria and African country golfers participated.
Speaking to The Newswriter Sports desk, she said, “I could not believe myself, but God made it for me. I think I am destined to win this championship”.
According to her, she values this particular trophy among the trophies she has earlier won.
Hear her, “The reason is that I competed against young girls, considering my age. I am an advanced lady. I am no longer young to compete with young girls and beating them to claim the main trophy. I will forever cherish this trophy. This is my most precious trophy,” the elated lady concluded.
Advising the lady folks, she said, “Golf is a very nice game to play. It is revealer of character. It is a game you can play yourself. You don’t need to wait for somebody, but if there are people around, you can play with them. It is a game that you exercise all parts of your body. So it is a very nice game, and I encourage ladies to take to golf playing”.
She also advised the government to catch the children from school age by introducing the game in school, so as to introduce ‘catch them young programmes’ in schools.
Talking about challenges in getting sponsor for the game, she said “it is not easy because the awareness of golf is not there, it is not like football. For football, if you want sponsors they are gladly there. But for golf, they think is an old people game, as people normally think. It is not expensive as it is widely believed”, she stated, noting,”it is a nice game if one plays it. People will start admiring the person”. ####

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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