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Ken Saro Wiwa: We Are Because He Was: (Do This In Remembrance OF Me)

Ken was returned to sit back on the bench, where he told fellow condemned countrymen that beyond the door was a death chamber end that they were about to be lynched The rest of the innocent convicts started wailing about their innocence but Ken continued to console them reminding them of their martyrdom and how they will be remembered for being sacrifices for a just and non-violent course. John Kpuinen was then taken to the gallows where he dropped dead immediately. Saro Wiwa was taken again but the machine failed as before. There was complete silence. Surely God was not happy. So Saro-Wiwa was returned again and Baribor Bera was taken to the gallows and slaughtered without ado. Saro Wiwa was brought into the gallow once more and the pulley which just killed two did not still work. He was again returned and Dr. Barinen Kiobel the former commissioner was taken to the laughter and slaughtered wickedly too.
At this point Saro Wiwa broke down and wept having seen his brothers slaughtered one after the other like Christmas fowls Then Ken Saro Wiwa voluntarily offered to go Like Jesus Christ in Gethsemene, Ken prayed to the spirit of Ogoni to let him die According to the daily Newspaper AM News, before he was hanged he asked his prosecutors two last questions ‘Why are people treating me like this? What kind of country is this that kills those fighting for a better life for their people?” and it came to pass that the hangman went back to his ‘good work’ The black hood was once again thrown over his head to blind fold him. The pulley jerked and it worked this time. As his body was dangling from the rope, strong Saro Wiwa spoke eight final words before his body went limp. ‘Lord, take my soul but the struggle continues”. Then he was let go from the rope he fell six feet into a pit that was supposed to break his neck. That too failed because the pit was not deep enough. A witness said, Ken was struggling and thrashing his aims around. His tongue shot out of his foamy mouth and his years bulged out. It took him 20 minutes to die. He actually ended up being tortured before he was finally put to death after five attempts”
After this Komo sent for a doctor and ordered that Ken Sam Wiwa’s body be retrieved from the pit. The Doctor certified that Ken was really dead. Then their bodies were carried in the impoverished coffins bought over the weekend. Loaded in the same Black Maria that brought them alive hours earlier, The Ogoni 9 were dumped in a mass grave in downtown Port Harcourt. To hasten up their decay and to make sure they did not resurrect like Jesus Christ their bodies were doused with 5 gallons 0f acid. Newsweek, December 18, 1995 reported that this dastardly acts were properly filmed by video camera man and the tape sent by courier to Dictator General Sani Abacha as a proof of proper execution. 15 Govt. officials, including Komo Rivers Suite MILAD and justice Ibrahim Auta, who headed the Tribunal were selected to watch the execution. Very good home video for them. I hope Abacha gave all of them a Gold Medal! This was how Abacha Useni, Diya and Komo slaughtered Ken Saro Wiwa In a national conspiracy.
Today, few days to the commemoration of the 13th Anniversary of the slaughter of the martyrs, Gen. Jeremiah Useni, Abacha’s hatchman foolishly tells the world how stupid and miserable their junta was, by saying Ken was a threat to their Government and had to die for national interest. I challenge Useni to tell me whether Nigeria has known any peace since it slaughtered Ken. I challenge him further to tell me what he means by “National Interest” when their Abacha was busy looting the nation’s treasury. Perhaps Abacha embarked on public theft for National interest too. Why are people not ashamed in this country? I think Jeremiah Useni should quickly visit a psychiatric hospital to ascertain his mental health. Surely he can never be celebrated like Ken’s great, grand children let alone Ken himself. Maybe Useni who has been irrelevant since the collapse of his heartless junta and inordinate wild wishes in ANPP is relaunching relevance but he is too infinitesimal to make any useful comments on great Saro-Wiwa. I think he should be going for his deliverance from the curses he is suffering for killing an innocent man.
Looking back, I beat my chest to say that Ken had fought a good fight had unfolding events presently show that he is victorious. At least shell’s now on trial. Today there is no peace for Nigeria because it murdered peace and not until Nigeria addresses the minority question and the Niger Delta question in accordance with the prophecies of Ken the – innocent blood of Ken Saro Wiwa, my mentor will continue to cry and hunt Nigeria. Shell, Komo, Diya, Useni and the sepulcher of Abacha who is right now suffering in the hottest part of bell.
Ken is not dead, he lives on. He only paid the Supreme price for his people. So let leaders learn and let those who call themselves freedom fighters and activists not use the struggle to make name and money through position seeking as the blood of Ken continue to flow in vengeance. On the death of Ken, it was A Black Day For a Black man and the victory of Barrack Obama consolidated it on A White flay For a Black man. And from the agony of Saro-Wiwa to the emergence of Barrack Obama full liberty shall be ours. ###

Barr. Gideon Kpoobari Girigiri

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