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Good people of The Newswriter, as expected we are here with you, being Thursday. You expect only the best advise from your relationship tonic paper.
Do you have any relationship problem? Are you finding it difficult to have a partner in your life (marriage)? Worry no more, do yourself the favour of picking The Newswriter Newspaper every Thursday as the Soul Mate column is your best bet to find your soul mate.
You will not only find an interesting soul mate to your life, you will find he or she that is your perfect match to bring you joy and fulfillment. So folks keep texting in your desired partner while you also pick the partner of your interest. The Newswriter Soul Mate column encourages marriage relationship, no more no less. To be part of the Soul Mate column train, simply text to us your name, occupation, age, location and preferred partner. You may add it with 400 MTN, Glo, Airtel or Etisalat card as to facilitate your request being published in the Soul Mate column.

Do not deny him sex.
It has been discovered that many ladies deny their partners quality sex, which has made many lose their husbands or partners to other willing ladies. This is very important. You are the woman to solve his sex emotional problems as such you have no moral justification to deny him his emotional sexual happiness.
Your husband or partner is your sole responsibility in sexual happiness. Failure to understand this will only lead the relationship to unhappy ending.
Men are like yam seedlings that yield to the direction of the sun in climbing the yam stick to aid its growing process. The way you tend and care for your man so he will be to you.
Always play the mother role. Every man is a son to a woman. It is high time ladies know this fact to help them cope with the challenges in making a happy home. The man may be high in society standing, yet they are answerable to the womenfolk in the kitchen and bedroom. These are the strongest powers available to woman to exploit to make the home a happy home. We may discus this in our next edition. Please keep faith with us.
Dear Editor, I am Lekia Isaac texting from Bori Town. Your paper is good but we cannot get it in Bori. Please get us your paper in Bori as you have many fans in Bori town. Please keep the good work and God bless you and your family.
Ans: Dear Isaac, bless you too. You are the reason we are in business. We will be very grateful if you can get us another vendor in another area of Bori, who will sell our paper over there. Presently we have one, Lucky and sons at Bori main park. Your concern is noted. Once again thank you very much. May the light of Yahweh shine on you day and night in Yahoshea’s name. Halleluyah.
Dear Editor, I am Mary from Bonny town, 29 years going to 30 years. I learnt you are not married, can I be your wife? Please call me on my number.
Ans: Well, you are right. I am not married but I am searching also. What I cannot tell is whether I am compatible with you. That is what I don’t know. However, time will tell what comes up between us. You are welcome for the time being.

Dear Editor, I am Vivian 21 years old female texting from Port Harcourt. Please tell me my star and suitable star match in a relationship, also my best option for career and job opportunities. I am born 2nd November.
Ans: Dear Vivian, if you were born 2nd of November, then your star is scorpion. Those that were born from October 24 to November 22 are known to be scorpions.
Your most suitable star match in relationship: Taurus person is the most suitable and long lasting person in relationship, although you have attraction for persons and Capricorn. (Taurus April 21-May 20).
YOUR BEST OPTION FOR CAREER/JOBS: You may prosper in all literary pursuit, whether library work or writing and any type of job/career you may lay your hands. The people born in the month of November are fortunate and prosperous in all literary pursuits.
The most suitable career/jobs for those born in the month of November are all forms of handicraft, medical practice or to become a reverend sister (pastor or priest).

Herbal service
ULCER: Those who are suffering from ulcer can now heave a sigh of relief. Dry the peel of plantain and grind into powder. Mix the powder with little natural honey and take one teaspoonful four times daily.

Those with heart conditions
Those with heart conditions can now use AFRICAN PEPPER. African pepper popularly called bird pepper keeps the heart strong and makes it no go area for bacteria.
Sex destroyers: As long as you are alive, it is your exclusive right to enjoy sex, hence you should avoid the following as possible in order to enjoy your sexual life: Tobacco, alcohol, coffee, drugs and excess white sugar are all sex destroyers and should be avoided as much as possible.
Instead of white sugar please use honey. We will discus the health sexual benefit of honey next edition.
Keep a date with us. Bye for now. ###

Allanso Jonathan/Edith

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