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This Soul Mate Column is designed to take care of sex and romance related problems. To help folks find their Adam or Eve. What you need do? Just text your problems to the number below

In this edition, the Soul Mate wants to talk to the women folk. Know that a life without a male partner is incomplete no matter how successful the woman may be in the society. Every woman needs a male partner  to complement the purpose of creation.

I will always refer you to the story of creation, where Eve was created out of Adam’s ribs to make a perfect relationship on earth. It is a fact that no being is forgotten as not being paired with a partner from creation by Yahweh the grand creator of Heaven and earth. It is for this reason that the Soul Mate is appealing to every human being who is not paired to get paired or hooked on with a partner of his or her choice through the Soul Mate. The testimonies recorded by the Soul Mate column, give us more strength and happiness in shouting halleluyah to the Most High.

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Your darling Thursday tonic, The Newswriter newspaper is now connected to the internet, which means you could also access the Soul Mate through the internet or better still, on my face book address: or Allanso Jonathan Allanso through my email address too.

Due to the soul touching testimonies and the confidence you have built in us over the months we have also increased our rate of services.

The Soul Mate now calls people who text in with confused mind as to ascertain the problem and address it to the public where possible. This week the Soul Mate is unveiling a lady with a special request. And we are sure you are going to make use of the opportunity presented to you.

Nkechi is 40 years old Igbo lady residing inPort Harcourt, average high, chocolate, dutiful, loving and caring, above all God fearing. Nkechi is a graduate of Estate Management. She is making a special appeal to widowers who have kids for her to help take care of the kids for the lucky widower who must be at the age of 40-45 as a husband. The lucky widower should come from any of the Igbo states. For her to have a perfect match, Nkechi’s star (Zodiac) is Sagittarius (November 23-December 21). Her perfect star match in a marriage relationship is Gemini. So if you are a widower and having kids, from Igbo states. Nkechi is warmly waiting at the other side to welcome you into her life.

Nkechi said she is prepared to raise your children in the fear of Yahweh (God) also show them love, care and motherly love. If you are honest, caring, God fearing and interested in her, call her on 08034752738.

Dear Editor, I am Comfort fromAkwaIbomState, 38 years residing inPort Harcourt. I have dated many men, all not ending in marriage. What could be my problem?

Ans: Dear Comfort, at what age did you start dating men in your life? What was your definition of relationships? Were your collapsed relationships defined? What I mean here is, before you opened up the relationship, what was the term like? These and other questions need to be answered before we could make headway concerning your case.

However, Soul Mate will advise you that you will meet your star match and if you do not have a conflicting karmic debt you are bound to have a rosy relationship on earth.

Text me your birthday and I will match you with your suitable star partner in relationship.

Star service

Those born from November 23 December 21 are termed as Sagittarius (Zodiac)

Their Behaviour

They do not like indulging in secretiveness and intrigues due to their honesty, open mindedness and frank disposition of expressing their views.

They are quick in thought with executive power decision, bold, outspoken, active, benevolent, sympathetic and impulsive. They have unusual prophetic gifts, spiritual by nature and refined, but aggressive and tolerate no opposition. They are thoughtful in domestic relations, tender, quick tempered although with self control. 

Sagittarius most suitable star for marriage  Gemini is the most suitable and lasting marriage partner to Sagittarius.

Sagittarius most fortunate day  Thursday

Sagittarius Most Fortunate months  February and June

 The most suitable job careers for Sagittarius are all forms of handicraft, journalism, clerical work, medical practice, engineering or vehicle mechanic. #####

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