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MATCH MAKING : Winning Someone’s Love

The highest and most noble desire of every person is to be loved. We all crave it, that positive emotion of regard and affection. We crave it from our parents, we crave it from our brothers and sisters, our friends, our coworkers, our neighbours and all that we come across in our life.
The other side of love is that which a man has for a lady, or a lady for a man. It is also a deep feeling, an attraction that mostly goes with sexual desire. When you are in love, there exists a strong bond between you and the other person and you are happy whenever the person is with you.
In this edition, let us look at how to win someone’s love, the person you love, the person you have your eyes on. Everyone wants to be object of desire, irresistible. Here are some tips. Since this is a match making column, we will concentrate on how to get that person you desire to be in love with.
1. Your Dress: For Girls: Dress in a sexy and mysterious way. You want to show your legs off and so you go for a short and a suit. Although the short suit skirt shows your legs, you don’t allow it to show too much. It leaves a mystery as the cleavages are not shown too much. Even if you want to show off, just make sure you do not show too much. High-heeled boots and shoes are sexy and seductive. So you may consider them.
For men: Just dress charmingly and well groomed. Slacks and a nice shirt may serve.
2. Be confident: A confident person is always sexy and seductive. Move with sureness and direction. Carry yourself with dignity. By catching them starring at you, you let them know that they are admiring you. Just smile and then go on with whatever you are doing. In that way, you are confident of yourself and they will marvel, which is the mysterious side of you. People are sure to follow a mysterious and confident person.
3. Sweet fragrance: If you wear a sweet perfume or fragrance that lingers even when you are far away, you leave a mark to remember you by. That person you want to win over or seduce will not forget you. Many will approach and introduce themselves to you.
4. Use your Eyes: The eyes are hypnotic. You can use it to get the attention of the one you desire. You can use it effectively to attract and hold the interest, as if by a spell, of the person you desire to fall in love with. It works better when you catch him looking at you. It will be an invitation for him or her to approach and introduce himself or herself. You can then play along.
5. The body language: This is also an important part of getting someone you desire. They are silent words, but mostly understood by many. You can be playful by slightly touching him or her in a playful manner, may be while laughing, giving him or her a shove, or even swaying to a music as he stares at you. If you are engaged in conversation, use your eyes, that’s where the power lies. Give him or her an intense stare as you talk. It lets him know that you are desirable and worth finding out. However, you have to be watchful. If he or she is not feeling comfortable with your playful ways then you have to slow down.
6. Important Point to Remember: Please note that being seductive or trying to attract the attention of the desired person does not stop once you get the person. In fact the whole thing starts afresh once you have got your desired person into a relationship. Remember to keep him wanting more. Find better ways of attracting him and keeping his attention on you.
7. Be careful: It is absolutely necessary that you try to seduce the very person you really like. Never make the move just because he or she dressed well that day.

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