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COUNSELLING: Making A Girl Like You

Dear friends, the whole reason for the counseling section of Soul Mate is to make you understand how to live with your girl or boy so that you will both be at peace with each other. Whether you are married or just friends or about to get her, it is necessary to know how to treat the other person so that the other person will be happy with you and continue to stay with you or to agree to accept you.
This week, our focus is to tell the males how to treat a girl well so that she will know that you truly care. Of course, you know that you must be kind and gentle if you want her to accept you or continue to stay with you. What applies to one lady may not apply to others. So, you must be careful so as not to treat every lady you meet the same way.

Appreciation: We all like appreciation, so learn to appreciate her and treat her well. Be genuine in your appreciation.

Understand Her: If a girl tells you or shows you by her reactions that she does not like something, even if it is just hugging or kissing or any other action of yours, please stop it. You may ask her later why she is uncomfortable with it. If she still does not like it, stop asking her over and over. It could be irritating.
Don’t think you know her better: Don’t monopolize the conversation. Let her also express herself. Let her say her mind on any topic. Don’t assume you know what she will say in every occasion. She will regard you as inconsiderate and self-centred, that you are not interested in her. Be it in music, sports, movies, family or any other thing; don’t assume you know what she likes. Ask her questions, let her tell you what she likes and adjust accordingly.

Compliments are necessary: Don’t overlook compliments. If she has a new hair-do, a fitting dress or shoes, don’t ever fail to compliment her. Girls like to be complimented. They will think you have no time for them if you fail to notice what they are putting on, or how they look. Don’t fail to tell her how pretty she is. But please remember not to fake it. Be genuine, be sincere. Flatter her, but let it be how she really looks. Try to make her smile as often as possible. Let them crave your company. Everyone likes the company of him or her who makes him or her comfortable and happy.
Be clean: – It is very important that you maintain good hygienic habits. Don’t fail to bathe, brush your teeth, put on good deodorant, shave and keep your hairs tidy all the time. Girls like to boast of their guy’s appearance. Avoid body odour, bad breath and dirtiness generally.
Be a good listener: Nobody likes a guy who only hears his own voice. Be careful to avoid talking too much. Allow her to talk and keep quiet. Listen and only prompt her to go on, to show that you are interested in what she is saying. A good listener is always taken as a good conversationalist. Don’t ever change topic she is discussing abruptly or midway except it is very necessary. Listen carefully to her whether she makes sense or not. It makes you a considerate person and she will like you more. Remember, even an idiot wants to be listened to. The truth is that a girl prefers pretending to be a Solomon. If there are things she is interested in, you can let her know in course of discussion. She will know you really like her and cares for her.
Birthdays: Surprisingly, birthdays are important to girls. Please remember it and she will very much like it.
Honesty pays: Be honest, let her know you from the beginning. In that case, if she likes you as you are, it will be real. But if you present a fake picture to her and she accepts you and later on finds out the truth, be sure that her reactions would be negative. Be truthful as to what you like or dislike in her. Once both of you know your faults and good sides, the relationship lasts and you will both be happy. Don’t try to present a false picture of yourself and don’t try to tell her what she is not in a bid to flatter her.
Enjoy each other: Make her comfortable with you. Let her enjoy the moments with you. Enjoy funs together, share hobbies and enjoy each other’s company. Understand her feelings. Apologize when you are wrong and it upsets her. Should you be right, gently make her understand that you never knew she would be offended and that you are sorry, if it did. Don’t ever say you will not do it again, if you are sure you are right, but gently tell her that you will consider her opinion next time, before doing or saying that very thing again. This is because, if what she is annoyed over is very fundamental to your happiness, there is no way you can just forgo it. That would be pretense. Just be gentle in trying to let her know it. ###

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