Mr. President Can Rule From Any Where Again?

Watching and moving with the reoccurrence of man made phenomenon seems difficult to envision where Nigeria as a nation is going to in this jet age or modern civilization. This statement, Mr. President can rule from anywhere came to lime light two and half years ago, when former President Umaru Ya’Adua was seriously sick and flown to Saudi Arabia for treatment. When the statement was first made by Mike Aandonka, the former Attorney General and minister of Justice, Nigerians reacted angrily without wasting time. Because it was a sad moment for Nigeria. The then President was kept in a state of incommunicado from Nigerians which caused suspicion within and without people in government. And because of some inordinate ambitions of some ministers to remain more glorious than the Vice President, Goodluck Jonathan now President, they were scheming and down playing on the seriousness of that national issue that needed urgent information and attention.
Actually, the statement is not new in Nigerian setting. But that remains that this statement is often uttered to defend government’s inability to respond to serious national issue. And for how long would this defensive statement that does not give room for mutual understanding be used in Nigeria? Chief Nanga, in Chinua Achebe’s novel, A man of the people, say a minister is servant. But is it really true considering the leadership practice in Nigeria? Is a minister a servant or a lord in Nigeria? It is obvious that the word minister as a verb means to care for somebody. There is apprehension however on the part of the masses the way things that need pragmatic approach are handled with levity in Nigeria without seriousness, And that is why the ruler is likely at logger- ahead with the masses.
Observationally, rendering of apology to pacify the aggrieved Nigerians citizens is like a taboo. And, that is why injustice can be meted out on the masses without a second thought instead of apology our leaders will strategise for a tirade speech to deceive their citizens on why such obnoxious act was done against the written law and policy of government. Because anybody can stay anywhere to destabilize the nation and therefore any nonsense can happen with impunity. So far as there is comparism of leadership style in the world; there is need for our leaders to compare and contrast, it is really a sad thing that we keep inventing jaw-breaking words to entice our people to believe what is not on ground. There is always a defence from government to defend social anti-people policies. Good government anywhere accepts responsibility.
Indeed, it is not a sin for President Goodluck Jonathan to attend the United Nation Summit as he has faced incessant criticisms more than all who ruled before him in recent times. Our President is a human being therefore some times we as citizens should suggest good suggestions to make him meet up where he is lacking. Some time in Nigeria negative criticisms are programmed to divert attention of the leaders from doing the right. Too much negative criticism and blames against the leaders without advice is evil in its own. Yes, President Goodluck attended the Summit when Kaduna and Yobe States in Nigeria where inhumane massacre of souls were carried out.
The anger and annoyance of Nigerians is that the President did not visit or call off the journey for the summit. The attack which took place simultaneously in Kaduna and Yobe on Sunday the I7th June was a hard thing in the history of Boko Haram. As we criticize the President what do we do to the architects of the deadly attacks? Every Sunday churches are attacked in the northern part of Nigeria without respect for human lives. And the authority takes it as a religious attack. But this is beyond religious attack as we assume; because these are mosques across the length and breadth of the southern part of Nigeria. And they do not face attack every Friday even when they extend from the mosques and cover the main roads in the cities. Because if w are saying it is religious attack, it will engulf the whole nation. Reason being that churches and mosques are in all parts of Nigeria.
This is beyond religion.
It has element of political under tone. Recently, the people’s Democratic Party National chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur said openly without mincing word that Boko Haram is fighting for justice. And one wonders, which justice is Boko Haram fighting for in Nigeria? It is obvious that with religious belief cum political inclination, my president is regarded to be an infidel ruling the righteous. And that is why is they want to make the nation ungovernable for the purported infidel, it is unthinkable for some people to think that my president is a coward, I do not think so. He has advisers across the regions of Nigeria advising him on the actions to take and not to take. If Mr. President becomes Rehoboam and begins to use scorpions to wipe those creating chaos in the nations those who call him coward would call him wicked. During the period of Democracy celebration on 29th May the president said no matter the effort of some disgruntled elements that Nigeria will not disintegrate thereby refuting the fear for disintegration.
The press is doing its best at least to keep Nigerians abreast with information, Even in the midst of this atmosphere of criticism, there is a lesson for the presidency and Nigerians to learn. In Syria, the massacre of citizens is done by the government. But in Nigerian a sect has decided to cause Mayhem to the detriment of the masses. And that is why government must join forces with the masses to fight the scourge. Each time blood is spilled pain is caused on humans and terror is let loose. That is why in the face of criticism and defence Nigerian government must collaborate to alienate the suicide bombing experience. In life there is time people speak even when they ought not to speak. The statement that our president can rule from anywhere is barbaric and wicked. In the spirit of sportsmanship the government should tactically apologize to Nigerians to pacify the rage. The minister of information should not use words that will aggravate the already tension. Dr Goodluck Jonathan is the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And he must be held at high esteem. In America, when Barrack Obama’s opinion was in support of gay marriage, there was constructive criticism even Pit Romney of the Republican presidential hopeful. Nigerians’ should not be like chichidodo a bird in Aye Kwe Ameh’s book, the beautiful ones are not yet born, that does not eat the faces but eat the maggots. Let us exercise some respect for the office of president in Nigeria. Each time President Goodluck Jonathan is facing serious criticisms some hypocritical ministers would always come on air to make hypocritical statement are if they are supporting but in the true analysis of the statement they are causing doubt. The president of Nigeria cannot stays in anywhere to rule Nigeria. What about Aso Rock? Barrack Obama cannot outside white House to rule Americans. There is need for Nigerians in a way to find a place in their hearts to accept and forgive Mr. President for attending the summit in Brazil in the face of turmoil in Nigeria. Nigerians expect much from Mr. President and therefore we need him as a father to console us in times of grieve. And in the same vein northern leaders should advice Boko Haram to sheathe not swords but suicide bombing of churches in the region. Mr. President is a Nigerian and must rule Nigeria in Nigeria.

Frank Eneawail Ogwuonuonu

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