Unending Politics Of Bitterness In Nigerian

mapAccording to Advanced learner’s dictionary, in the following ways: The activities of the government, members of law making organizations or people who try to influence the way a country is governed; the job of holding a position of power in the government; the study of the ways a country is governed; some one’s opinion about how a country should be governed. Indeed if politics is about how a country should be governed, why are Nigerian politicians engage in bitter rivalry about how to govern Nigerian?

Politically, there had been violence since the inception of politics in Nigeria. Often time opinion leaders would always advocate politics without bitterness during political era. This is because politicians engage in bitter prosecution of politics in Nigeria. There by under pinning the lofty tenets of politics in democratic setting. This mid-wife political dispensation which started 29 May, 1999 is faced with a lot of bitterness ranging from character assassination, libel, negative propaganda and assassination of perceived political opponents, unnecessary provocative utterances that reveal the state of politicians in terms of real issues they need to address.

Indeed, 2015 general election is generating unnecessary tension and panic that are not needed in this civilized age. Since the beginning of campaign of 2015 general election in 2014, there had been series of expression of bitterness by politicians to the detriment of the election itself, Nigeria electorates are made to live in fear because of the activities of politicians. The Nigerian politicians often project unfounded propaganda to lure unsuspected, Nigerians to see such as facts.

Campaign rallies of political parties across the country are often show cased with expression of hate, discrimination, rancour and acrimony. Such hateful statements have become the order of the day. Indeed, there is politics of bitterness in the atmosphere. And non politicians who are the majority of Nigerian state are in the state of indecision. One wonders the state of the mind of politicians who wants to govern the country. Due to display of anger in their utterances, it is sad to note that election period is for fear of insecurity. Ranging from disruption of rallies, kidnapping of opponents and unprovoked attacks Nigerian politicians capitalize on the ignorance and sentiments of some citizens about politics to disseminate falsehood that is tantamount to felony. The aggressive expression of bitter words at rallies and interviews against opponents is a serious matter that deserves caution no matter who is involved in the unpatriotic and callous expressions. Observationally, it is like politics of the past had less bitter expressions, hate and broad day anger.

Indeed, the postponed elections were to be held 8th March and 11th April respectively. Nigerians want to see peaceful elections devoid of maiming and killing of electorates who want to vote for parties of their choices. Politicians should do away with hate and bitter expressions that lead to anarchy during and after elections. The volatile nature of the state of insecurity demands total security to protect electorates or voters to cast their votes without molestation and attacks.

The presidential and governorship elections should not be allowed to cause division as it is observed now. The political gladiators should sheathe their swords of politics and allow the youths to live together in peace. Election, in civilized world is like Christmas where politicians engage in selling their manifestoes to the right holders who decide their mandate. In Nigeria one wonders why there is no clear cut rather they resort to cheap blackmail to woo the electorates to vote for them. Nigerian electorates want peace; unity and progress amongst those who they want to govern. When common goal of ruling Nigeria falls apart, politicians would never achieve or actualize the yearnings and expectations of Nigerians. When would this unending bitterness in our politics cease. Enough is enough of violence. ###




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