Facts You Need To Know About God

Making God a reality in our lives is the first task for the Spiritual Student. For the lower worlds of God including the first, second and third heavens were indeed created for the singular purpose of training Souls on how to receive and distribute the divine love of God to others Souls until we learn how to be a permanent Co-worker with God. This is our Spiritual mission.

I have decided to entitle this article as ‘Facts You need to Know About God’. It would have been entitled ‘Truth You Need to Know about God’ but for the fact that truth is relative at the various levels of consciousness, the various levels of awareness. The facts are presented to broaden the understanding of those who are willing to take the next step in their understanding of God Almighty, Our Father.

These facts are therefore presented as follows.

The creation of God in the lower world, the physical universes and all the lower heavens have been concluded by God and as such man cannot on his own bring about changes. All possible human conditions and situations that man can encounter have been completed by God, making the worlds run perfectly without any intermediary or agent in the lower worlds. These lower worlds include the physical universes, including our own earth and other planets where Souls we cannot see, inhabit and exist based on this love of God. The lower worlds also include the first, second, third and fourth heavens which is the home of all mental and religious thoughts and worship. All the orthodox religious bodies have their heavens here and are bound to reincarnate millions of times on the wheel of the eighty-four, the wheel of Karma and Reincarnation.

God Almighty is not a being nor is IT a woman or man but an Ocean of Love and Mercy. IT’s Voice is the Holy Spirit which is manifested as Light and Sound. God is the Creator of the Heavens and Earth and all things in existence. Soul is also created in the image and likeness of God and also shares the attributes of God known as Freedom, Wisdom and Power, however in an unrealized form. But Soul exists because God loves IT. In other words God loves Soul. God neither loves a poor or rich man. But God loves Soul and therefore Soul exists primarily out of God’s Love.

God does not belong to any religion but no religion can exist without God. Though all religions call on God and claim IT as a personal God, God does not belong to any religion. For God Almighty is a Universal God and cares for all Souls in his kingdom and wishes all to complete their spiritual education and return home to Heaven to serve in IT’s infinite Kingdom.

God does not relate to Soul as man but as Soul and all Souls are provided with the opportunity to contact IT through direct contact only by calling on the Holy and Sacred name of God known as the HU. All those who attempt to contact God through any other means shall suffer the result of their ignorance and stubbornness for when Soul was sent down into the lower heavens, Soul was not left alone. It was provided with a special tool box to enable Soul enfolded in the various bodies to survive, learn It’s catechism and return home to God Almighty as a matured and self- realized child to be useful to God in the Higher Heavens.

Man cannot change the will of God through prayers either forcefully or otherwise. But it is the responsibility of man to learn and discover the will of God for man. God speaks to Soul in the body of man on a daily basis. But Soul must learn how to listen to God. One of the ways is for Soul to learn this communication is by understanding and interpreting his dreams to learn the massage of God for man. But man must realize that whenever man prays to God, he is only praying to himself simply because Soul is made of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is the Voice of God. When man therefore prays to God, he is only praying to the Spiritual aspect of himself known as Soul. Learning the will of God in all situations lead to love and wisdom while not learning the will of God leads to pain and suffering and man living in ignorance is subject to endless birth and rebirth.

God Almighty has provided Soul in Human form with the ability to return home to God. This is made possible by providing a Living Word, a Spiritual Coach whose responsibility it is to teach man how to find his way back home to God. The Spiritual Coach has always been with man from when man first descended from the heavens above. It is the duty of the Spiritual Coach, the Love of God in action, to teach man how to find the narrow way to God located within the forehead of man. For man cannot locate this gateway on his volition. Man would need a Guide. This is done this way so that man can balance all his accounts in the lower worlds before gaining admission to return home into the heavenly worlds.

Man can find the Living Word, the Chief Agent of God when he decides to sing HU, a Holy and Secret name for God. This is the name God gave ITself and must respond to irrespective of the social and Spiritual status of man. Man does not need to be anything other than what he is to make contact with God directly. For there are no intermediaries between Soul and God. The job of the Spiritual Coach therefore is to link man with the Voice of God so that man can start conversing with God on a daily, moment by moment basis. This is not quoting from any ‘Holy Book’ but a practical way of communicating with God.

God Almighty does not have any competitor that is beyond IT’s control for all creatures exist because of God’s love. All creations by men such as the ‘devil’ or ‘satan’ are subject to the will of God and are created for the purpose of ensuring that no impurities escape into the heavens of God. Thus the devil is a gateman at the door to the pure heavens of God. He sits on top of the Fourth heaven and ensures that all religions worship him since they have chosen to believe in him. This minor god does his job very well by enticing man with prosperity and material things of life. But he ensures that these material things are the iron chains that he uses for man to reincarnate back to the physical worlds to come and reap whatever they have sown.

At the same time God has also provided the Spiritual Coach whose responsibility it is to liberate man from this spiritual prison that man is not aware off. Read all the scriptures about all the saviors who have come to this world. They did not teach how man can be liberated from this world but rather, how man should do good to himself and others. The Spiritual Coach teaches that man is Soul created in the image and likeness of God and can visit the heavens of God while still alive. He teaches that man can realize himself and realize God in this lifetime and that man can live simultaneously in both the physical and heavenly worlds. He teaches man how to communicate with God directly without any intermediaries.

It will surprise many to know that God is hardly moved by the emotions of man. For every suffering is caused by man himself simply because God has provided man with everything man requires to survive in the lower worlds but greed will not allow man to learn the ways of God. For instance why should man pray to God if he can bring into manifestation through imagination all he needs to survive on earth and indeed in all other worlds. God has provided man with the faculty of imagination to achieve this. But what does man do? He continues to kneel down and shout at God endlessly to fulfill one need or the other without realizing that he is only exposing his spiritual deficiency. He has therefore inadvertently invited the ‘devil’ into his consciousness to provide for him those things he has been given authority to manifest himself. When these things are provided by the devil, he must demand repayments and this is the reason for the reincarnation of man. But when man leads a desireless way, he owes less and less and therefore carries less baggage and easily finds his way back to God through love for all life.

Out of love God descends into the lower worlds to help man become God and find his way back home to the pure heavens above the fifth heaven to the Ocean of Love and Mercy. Out of love too, man must become God to find his way back home and be of service to God. This is why man needs God in flesh. For it is a spiritual law that only a Living Mother can breastfeed a Living Child. For a dead mother cannot attend to the Living. All those who wish to return to heaven through themselves and not through another must find the Living Word who has been appointed to lead man to God. He currently lives in America but man does not need to travel to visit him. For he is capable of visiting the individual wherever the individual resides. He does not require an appointment or money. The only requirement is a burning love for God. To make contact, the individual needs to Sing HU for an indication of his love for God Almighty. The individual shall be contacted by the Living Word in his dreams.



By Tuborki Dauyemie

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