From Pentagon City To You With Love (3)

My Spiritual Guide instructed that I arrive the airport early. This I did, not knowing what life has in store. At the airport, we discovered that our plane for the flight to Minneapolis had some maintenance issues and as such the flight was going to be delayed. Most of the passengers were furious for it was difficult to get other flights on a Friday. Some passengers decided to go through Chicago while others made different choices.

I spoke quietly to my Spiritual Guide in our secret language:

‘Will I fly to Minneapolis today?’ I asked, scared of spending another night in this expensive city.

‘Yes, you will!’ said my Spiritual Guide.

Despite the fact that the flight was cancelled five different times we eventually flew to Minneapolis on Friday night.

‘Thank you sir!’ I said quietly to my Spiritual Guide as we climbed into the night sky.

Suffice to mention that the trip from Washington to Minneapolis St Paul was calm more so I spent most of the times in the heavens of God within a flight time of 5 hours.

Most of us would rather wait to die before we go to the heavens of God. When you ask most who ‘claim to be men of God’ to come and die and proceed to heaven, they would say it is not yet my time. This is because they do not know how the heavens of God look like nor do they know the way to get there. So they keep deceiving their gullible followers to ‘believe and on the last day you shall wake up from the grave and ascend into the heavens of God!’ This deceitful teachings will continue to thrive as long as we have spiritually lazy people who rather than be adventurous spiritually would rather prefer to read and read ‘Holy Books’ that cannot show anyone how to access the heavenly worlds. If the Heavens of God were so sweet and is known to these ‘men of God’ why don’t they go through death and reach there faster? This is because they do not teach truth. This is why the number one problem of man is unconscious ignorance. When a man does not know that he does not know, it is a great problem. But when a man does not know and do not want to accept that he does not know and preaches falsehood, he shall account for the karma of all those individual Souls he has misled from the true path of God.

The way into the heavens of God lies between the forehead of man, in-between the two eyebrows. Material teaching cannot help you find it. The teachings of power and prosperity cannot find this narrow pathway into the heavens of God. What can show man the way? Love and love only. Thus it is only love for God and spiritual things that can open this narrow doorway into the first heaven, second heaven, third heaven, fourth and fifth heavens. The heavens above the fifth heaven are beyond the scope of this article, so there is no need to dwell on them here. The Wayshower whom God has appointed to lead only those who are interested and ready, those who are tired of prosperity and power teachings and materiality, these people are guided gradually until they prove that they truly love God before the curtains of heaven shall be pulled back for them to see the wonders of God. For all who follow prosperity teachings, they shall continue to reincarnate as long as necessary until they are able to pay their spiritual debt to these minor gods of prosperity. These gods headed by the negative god commonly called devil, would collect back every single kobo man has requested from him in prayers. This is because this god knows that if man knew who he was he would not stoop down and request for these material things, which can be manifested by man through the process of manifestation. But man being greedy would continue to pray for material things and thus be caught in the web of continuous illusions and sufferings.

This is why it is written, ‘Man know thyself!’

But man as refused and made himself a second- class citizen, spiritually speaking.

Sometimes man wanders into the first heaven of God without knowing where he is. His experiences in this first heaven is referred to as dreams simply because he as arrived here unconsciously and his religion or pastor does not know where the individual has found himself. These glimpses of heaven are so confusing to him simply because sometimes he would see himself in beautiful places and at other times he would see himself in very old settings which would make him wander from religion to religion seeking explanations to these unexplainable phenomenon. His religion has not equipped him to understand the language of dreams in the first heaven. So what does he do? He tries as much as possible to suppress these dream experiences till he dies. And these lead to another lifetime…

But God Almighty gives man opportunities again and again to learn about the Heavens of God by sending Godmen known as Spiritual Travellers whose job it is to help those who want to take the next step spiritually. At the head of this group is the Spiritual Coach who is the Living Godman and has the singular responsibility to lead you and me back home to God and the heavens while we are still alive.

When I therefore refer to my Spiritual Guide, he is the Living Godman who has the special ability to be everywhere at the same time. He is the Holy Spirit in Form and He is available for all different religions. He is the Voice of God. To make contact with this Spiritual Coach, find a quiet place in your home where you will not be disturbed. Breathe in and out for about three times and on your outward breath, sing HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God like this : yooouuuuuuuu! In an outward breath. Do this for about 5-15 minutes then ask any question about life and the Holy Spirit will bring you the answer in your dreams because you are a child of God. You do not need to beg God for anything. Once you know and realize yourself as a child of God, then you will begin to have a one-on-one relationship with God through your dreams and after a while you begin conversing with the Holy Spirit without any intermediary. You are Soul, the Holy Spirit individualized and as such, you have the same qualities with the Holy Spirit.

I arrived at the Hilton by midnight, checked into my room and sang the Holy and Secret name of God before my spiritual journeys int

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