Religion, Spirituality, Man and God

Man is older than religion. This is a statement of fact.
But man appears to be so dependent on religion that it is virtually impossible to exist without a belief in something outside of man himself. This appears so because man has created ‘crutches for himself based on the fear of the unknown that propels man to believe in anything spun out of the idea of sometimes one individual who has been able to raise his consciousness beyond the ordinary HU-man beings around him.
Since man existed before religion, why then is man so dependent on religion?
God created man in his own image and likeness. This image is the spiritual aspect of man known as Soul. But since man was clothed in the material body and sent down from the heavens of God for his spiritual catechism, his memory of this likeness of God dimmed. But within his consciousness, man tries to remember how heaven, his permanent home, used to look like. In his attempt to re-capture the splendor of the pure heavens of God, man continues to search for the elusive pathway back to this heaven of God.
Those souls who through their dreams or other means were able to recollect a glimpse of these wondrous heavens of God and personal spiritual strivings through their inner activities otherwise known as dreams, were able to serve as searchlights to others immersed in their activities in the gross material worlds. Their ability to decipher spiritual messages from God through their dreams and the subsequent abilities to interprete such dreams has led other men to be slaves to the thoughts of one man.
So one man’s idea of the realization of God has led the followership to believe in the ideas of that individual. So began the formation of the different religions of man in the world today.
If one can reflect and consider most of the religions on earth today, one would discover this element of the total dependence of the idea of a single individual. All religions except few have been created based on the activities of one certain individual who was able to have a personal experience with God Almighty.
But does this mean that the adherents of any religion are the effects of one single individual? If this were not true why can’t man have his own direct experience with God Almighty?
If man were created from the fabric of the Holy Spirit why is so difficult for man to realize this within himself and have a direct experience with God?
Religion therefore cannot be the panacea to man’s numerous problems unless it possesses a way for man to make connection with the Holy Spirit and experience God.
Spirituality on the other hand is a way and means of making contact with God through the agency of the Holy Spirit from which all things in existence including man, is created, nourished and sustained. This Holy Spirit is the Voice of God that enables man to experience the divine love of God. This love of God can then be experienced as the Light and Sound of God. Through the Light, man is able to find his way through the psychic worlds, back to God and through the Sound man is able to determine the direction to follow back into the kingdom of God.
It is but the proportion of the Light and Sound of God that exists in any religion that forms the basis of attraction of man for religion. Thus every man who believes in a certain religion does so and believes that his own understanding of his religion is the only way to God. Based on this conviction, man sets out to convert the whole world to his own set of beliefs without the understanding that each man’s understanding of God is directly proportional to his state of consciousness.
Thus it is the state of consciousness of each individual that draws the individual to the religion that we belong to today. Therefore, for whatever an individual’s state of belief or awareness, there exist in the world today a religion that corresponds to that set of belief.
One can then discover that a religious experience cannot be the same with a spiritual experience. A religious experience thus cannot be outside the ambit of the original experience of the originator of the initial idea about the religion unless a way is provided for the adherents of such a religion to have the same experience.
But spirituality or a spiritual experience is what creates a religious followership. This implies that all religions were created out of a singular or continuous spiritual experience. This is because spirituality is the experience of the Holy Spirit Itself!
How then can man move from the religious experience into the arena of spirituality? In order words, how can man experience God directly without any intermediaries? Is it possible to be spiritual without being religious? How then can man make true contact with God?
The experience of man and his problems are his constant reminders of his relationship with God. When man exist at a certain level of the understanding of God which determines his religion or religious beliefs, he would discover that his ability to fathom solutions to the obstacles or problems that are put on his path spiritually would determine what he would believe in. In order words, the application of man’s beliefs into the solution of his problems in life will determine how long man would remain in that religion.
Thus man would discover that our problems in life are a constant motivation of our willingness to unravel the mystery of God.
It is because of this that man continues to jump from one religion to another in search of God. For as long as man continues to follow religion without having a spiritual experience he will continue to jump into different religions like a grasshopper in search of greener pasture. This is because the spiritual yearnings of man cannot be overcome through the rituals of a religious experience.
How then does man make the switch from a religious experience into a spiritual one?
Three things are required of the individual who is interested in having a spiritual experience;
The first is for man to look for someone who knows the way. For when God sent man to the university of life, in these lower worlds, He gave Soul a promise that he would always be available in the lower worlds as Wayshower, to show man the way back home to God. Thus since the advent of man in the lower world including our own earth, ‘the word made flesh that dwelleth amongst men’ continues to reside within the worlds of man. This implies that from time immemorial, there exist an individual who is responsible for giving man a spiritual experience and thus show man the way back home to God.
The code for meeting this Godman, the Spiritual Coach is through singing HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God.
Because of charlatans and other self acclaimed and self styled men of god, the Living Godman can be contacted only spiritually through the dream state before the outer connection and the seeker will know the truth and the Living Godman when they meet physically.
The second requirement is the Sound Current. The Sound Current is the sound of God. One can be ‘still and know God’ through the experience this sound of God. Sometimes it can be experienced as the ‘rushing of the winds’ or like the rumblings of thunder. It is also available twenty four hours within each individual and unless the individual is trained he cannot experience this celestial music of God. It is the responsibility of the True Teacher, the Spiritual Guide to link the individual Soul who is ready to this wondrous Sound of God
Words cannot explain the experience of the Light and Sound of God.
The third aspect then is for the individual to achieve Spiritual Freedom in this lifetime or next through the teachings of the Living Godman who has the special ability of teaching the individual how to realize himself as Soul and lead the individual to visit the heavens of God on daily basis.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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