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COUNSELLING: Onaasim is Conditioned Relationship

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The act onanism is an action that does not favour relationship as it does not give one any hope and happiness. Instead of hope and happiness which were entitled in every meaningful relationship Onanism tends to stand against all that, thus working against the will of Yahweh the establisher of relationship in the life of man. Dear people of Soul Mate, may it be known to us all that any relationship with condition without definition is bound to bring sorrow the lives of those involved in such relationship. For example those who get themselves involved in relationship because of love will never love naturally. Such people will vanish into the thin air the moment the money they requested is not given to them.
Those who are used to harlots, “ladies” of easy virtue can testify to this simple truth. In such kind of relationship, love making always comes with using condom, meaning the semen would never be allowed to penetrate inside the vagina of the female partner. For the reason of not allowing the semen of the male fertilizing the female partners ovary which is against Yahweh’s reason of creating the sex organs for man.
For instance, Yahweh created the sex organs solely for procreation Gen. 1:27-28, please also consider Gen. 38:9. Hence Soul Mate advised that never allow yourself to be conditioned into onanism, if you want to enjoy sex, then get a partner and be prepared for its blessing of bringing your kind into existence anything more than that is contrary to the will and purpose of Yahweh creating the organs for that art yes, art love making is an art that comes naturally with human condition but rather conditioned with guarded law of death.
Know this also, when relationship do not have definition the lady involve in that relationship suffers great emotional and traumatic pains at the end. This is what had held those ladies who do not study the implication of love, relationship without definition.
Every relationship should have a definition. The first thing that comes first in a genuine relationship is where the relationship is leading to at the end. That is why the word courtship comes in, courtship simply means getting to understand yourselves. This only implies that whether both lovers or intending partners could tarry to live together as man and woman under one roof.

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To conclude this piece, Soul Mate would tend to make it clear that, the relationship being practice today is completely onanism, because it is conditioned. The man is not ready to father a child so he uses condom to avoid the semen going inside the female vagina. Some ladies too practice same for the same reason which is onanism.
We will highlight and discuss or treat how people get involved in onanism without knowing the implication. The effect it brings to day to day life on earth. Already, lots of ladies and young men are suffering from it. So keep a date with us next edition. Goodluck ###

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