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When Lovers Refused To Pick Call…

 Communication they say is the soul of relationship. This to an extend maybe correct to happenings in today relationship, where lovers will decide not to pick each others call. When this is experienced that there is something wrong in the relationship. Either the man or the woman has find fault on each other. 

But this could be averted where trust is the mainstay of that relationship. The foolishness of a particular partner not reacting to rumours indicates that he or she trust themselves. This also will shame one associates or friends who are interested in peddling rumours to destroy other peoples relationship.

When a lover refused to pick calls, it simply indicates that he or she is not happy. This is the time to do underground work to find out what you might have done to warrant his or her refusing to pick your call.

Please do not get any third party involve in here. This is the time you have to look back on the likes and dislikes of your partner. Whether you have cross his or her path. Knowing that you were not having quarrels previously, then why the sudden refusal to pick your calls?

He or she has the reason to grow annoyed because when you were coming together your likes and dislikes were all explained to yourself.

There are people in life that believed in trust. And the moment that trust is breached, it means the end of that relationship, no matter what benefit there is into the relationship.

There are still some that when they agree to a relationship with you is like oath taking to them. Proper self examination will have to be done to see a stronger relationship.

Some of the things that may likely make a partner refused calls are;

(a)        Not being your original self

(b)        Claiming what you don’t have

(c)        Comparing yourself with others

(d)        Always reminding him or her of how good your ex-partner was to you.

(e)        If you are caught stealing

(f)         Keeping secrets away from him or her, when it is exposed to him or her, such situation will make him or her never to pick your calls.

(g)        When he or she is not in the mood.

There are still other factors that might be responsible when partners refused to pick each others call.

To Prevent This From Happening

1.         You must avoid doing those things you know he or she does not like

2.         you must tell her or him the truth always

3.         You must try your possible best not to listen to rumours from your friends and associates about him or her.

4.         Learn how to listen to his or her body feeling and never turn him or her down when love making is requested from you.

5.         Do not doubt what he or she tells you

6.         Do not discuss him or her with others

7.         Try to maintain a faithful life to him or her

8.         Above all never distrust him or her

9.         Keeping your plans together to make it work should be your concern, and try to show that you appreciate his or her level of intelligent and creativity.

10.       Try to sing him or her praise even when there is no need for that.

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How Do I Participate In Soulmate

Dear Editor, I am Stella from Yenagoa, I got your paper through a friend because the paper is not in Yenagoa, the capital city of Bayelsa State. How do I participate in the Soulmate column?

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