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The number one accepted marriage rite in the whole wide world is that of traditional marriage rite. Every community or town in any ethnicity has a custom, their peculiar way of conducting their way of life. It is then not strange that the marriage traditional rite of the English (Britain) is upheld in most countries because of its unique decent way of co-ordination. This could not be said of other countries like Japan, Chinese and some others..
If African countries or better still Nigeria is imitating the British way of marriage, it then means that the way of their forefathers had been dropped. But one thing is clear, whether those who borrowed the British way of marriage like it or not, they never fit in to the culture of the British man.
In the British culture adopted, once one is married, his or her extended relations do not come to their relatives’ house without invitation. Still the marriage couples tend to depend on their saving entirely, they manage their affairs without involving factors here in the African culture, most especially Nigeria. Once married, the married couples are not accepted to isolate themselves from the responsibility of their next of kins, because the African cultural setting is that of nuclear family. Each lives for the other. That means that the problem of one is the problem of the other.
This is the reason “Traditional Marriage rite” suits the African woman and man. In this marriage rite, once married, your in-laws could come to your house without being invited. The problem of the relation of either the man or the woman is being shared by both man and woman. It then means that the families of both the man and the woman have become one, and they do things in common. This is completely missing in the English marriage called white wedding.
Soul Mate will expand on this next edition, so keep faith with us next week.

Why do men beat women (wives)?
Dear Editor, I am Patricia, texting you from Port Harcourt. My question is, why are men beating their wives?
Ans: Thanks for your question Patricia. To answer your question, I will be frank with you. Real men do not beat their wives. Real men are those that fear and respect their creator Yahweh, no matter the offence committed against them by their wives. Real men control their emotions because they know that the bodies of their wives are the images of their creator Yahweh (Gen. 1:27).
Again those husbands (men) who beat their wives (women) do not have love in them so could not tolerate and endure offence committed against them without reacting.
I wish you just the best for whatever reason you are asking such question. Cheers.

Love and Feeling Do They Go Together?
Dear Editor, please clear me on this emotional factor. Love and feeling do they go together in the place of loving someone? Am confused, there is this man who gives me money and always is there for me at any given time but I do not have feeling and love for him. Cynthia, Port Harcourt.
Ans: My dear Cynthia, thanks for this question. Many young men and women are caught in between love and feeling. Love and feeling may seem the same but there is a striking difference in them.
You may love someone when you have feelings for the person. This will come in different shades, either mundane or natural. If you feel love for someone that means the feeling is unstoppable. This is a super emotion stage, but when you have feeling for someone, either to have the person’s body for yourself, because he or she has good looks or beauty, after that the feeling dies.
But for love it is a permanent thing no matter the position of the person. You could not stop it. It is a natural thing that could not be controlled by the mind of man. This is love. To answer the other part of your question, please stop collecting gifts from your proposed man, if you do not have love and feeling for him. From the way you sound, you do not have love and feeling for him, rather you are there in the relationship because of the gifts and money he is spending on you. You will leave him the moment he has monetary problem.
Goodluck Cynthia. Cheers.

Thank you for your knowledge
Dear Editor, I am Sandra, residing in Oyigbo, I have gone through three editions of your Soul Mate and I must confess, you are quite knowledgeable. Please keep the good job on. I love you.
Ans: Thanks Sandra, please keep reading us. If you are pleased with our little effort, then may Yahweh be praised for it. He is the one who provided the knowledge.

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Taurus Likes
(April 21st May 21st)
The Taurus persons have the following as their likes; stability, being attracted to things natural, comfort and pleasure. While their dislikes are, being pushed too hard, synthetic or man made things and being rushed.
See you with the characteristics of the lucky months and days of the Taurus persons, next week.
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Why Water is good for us
Water is the healthiest drink. It cleanses the organs and helps them to work efficiently, especially in removal of waste products from the body. It is an excellent habit to take a glassful of water first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Water also helps in the prevention of disease like rheumatism. Drinking water between meals is better than drinking during meals. In fact, never drink water during meals because it dilutes digestive juice.
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