Knowing God (Part 2)

The knowledge of God is based on personal experience and not on belief. For the man that continues to believe in God without experience is ignorant of God.
As written earlier, the knowledge of God begins from the known to the unknown. For God Almighty is formless and as such can only be known through forms that can be created and sustained by It. One of such forms is soul wearing the Human body known as man.
There are also facts that can be established by the existence of man in this universe and on Planet Earth. Amongst these facts are the following:
First and foremost, God does not belong to any religion but all those who have experienced God at different levels form different religions based on their own personal experience and the rest of us flock to such religions without our own personal experience. But this is a level of understanding of God that corresponds to the understanding of those who accept that religion. This does not mean that such religions own God as we are made to believe. So God Almighty does not belong to any religion but no religion can survive without God.
Secondly God does not express emotions as in being angry or would It ever devastate Its own creatures. So any God that destroys and builds must be one of the lowly agents of God at the lower rung of the hierarchy in the governance in the universes of God.
God does not also take sides in any argument in football matches as Nigerians would want God to favor them in matches against Argentina or Brazil without putting in place a proper structure that would enable them to win based on their own effort to perform. Rather because of our culture of God ‘waking up to intervene in all parts of our lives’, most of us believe that God often times intervenes in activities on daily bases. Rather God runs the universes perfectly through immutable laws that run much perfectly than a ‘German Machine’ without God having to interfere in the running of the universe. This is why the man who prays is selfish because such a man wants God to ‘bend the rules’ in his favor without understanding the causes and effects of such actions or requests.
Fourthly, with careful observation man can easily understand that there are certain spiritual laws that govern all the thoughts, words and actions of Man while in the worlds of matter, space, time and energy and these spiritual laws are no respecter of any being or any social status. It is applicable to both those who know and those who do not now. For ignorance of such laws is not an excuse. These laws correspond to the different attributes found in God Almighty and Its ultimate creation known as Soul. These are the laws of Freedom, Wisdom and Charity (Love). Among these laws are the Laws of Karma and Reincarnation, the Laws of Polarity, the laws of Reversed Efforts, etc. These laws affect our lives whether we accept them or not or whether we know them or not. The knowledge of these laws can ease our lives daily while their ignorance brings pain and discomfort.
One of the basic ways any individual who is interested can experience and get to know God is by making contact with the voice of God known as the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit can manifest to the interested individual as the Light and Sound. For the Light lights the way for the individual to go back home to God while the Sound shows the individual the direction to follow. While some religions feel that they can do without the Light, no creature on earth today can do without the Sound of God for the sound is the prime mover of life. All of us derive our sustenance from this Sound of God.
This sound is the Sound of HU. It is the Sound of life Itself.
How can the individual then have a personal experience with God?
The experience of God is not on a mass movement basis. For each of us will go back to God alone at our appointed time. It does not matter which religion we belong to. For each of us must account for our thoughts, words and actions at our own appointed time with God. So those individuals who ‘follow, follow’ will be on their own. It is not a matter of which religion the individual belongs because man is not judged based on religious group but on our thoughts words and actions.
For the individual who wishes to have a personal experience with God then, that individual would require three things;
The individual would have to make a personal decision to experience God directly without any intermediaries. This may sound funny at first but most of us do pay ‘pastors’ or ‘prophets’ that will help us tell God our problems simply because we believe that we are ‘sinners’ and ‘unworthy’ to contact God directly. This is the greatest ‘sin’ of man. For all of us are worthy of Gods Love at all times. This attitude will decide the success of the individual in contacting God.
Secondly, the individual should know by now that there is one name that God responds to at any time God is called upon. This is the secrete name of God known as the HU. This is the sound of God in all creatures of God from the lowly earth worm to the sophisticated twenty-first century man. This sound is a code that God responds to at time of joy or distress. The individual can sing this word for five to twenty minutes before bedtime and he would be replied in his dreams. The individual can ask any questions while singing Gods Holy name and surely God would reply the individual in his dreams. This is one of the elementary ways God can contact his creatures but it is pertinent to note that God can talk to us clearly while waiting at a bus stop or while walking in the market place whether in Nigeria or America. But for a beginner it has to start from our dreams.
Thirdly the individual will require a coach who knows the ways of the Holy Spirit. This can be compared to a man who wants to be a Medical Doctor. He begins by spending time at the University and later learns under a Consultant until he is able to manage surgeries by himself. Likewise the individual who wants to understand the ways of the Holy Spirit and experience God, such an individual must search for that individual who knows the way and can link that individual to the Holy Spirit and then learn this art until he can hear the voice of God while inside a ‘molue’ and such individual would not require Police to lead him through a congregation because he can hear the voice of God clearly at all times.
God in Its infinite Love and Mercy has placed amongst men ‘the Word made Flesh that dwelleth amongst men’. He is known as the Living Godman. He is well and alive. For no dead mother can breast feed a living child. Hence at every point in time God has placed at the disposal of man a Living Godman who can teach man the way back to God.
No other is appointed by God to perform this task except the Living Godman.
The Living Godman does not belong to any religion but is available 24/7/365 for any individual who wants to experience God. All the individual needs to do is to make that call to the ‘phone number’ of God known as the HU, then God would send his special representative, the Living God man to coach such individual. The meeting with the Godman can only take place in the dream state because of charlatans who make noise all over the place. For man would experience this love of God and know truth undiluted.
The discipline required of the individual who wants to experience and follow God is greater than that found in the best military training for the individual having experienced God would learn the law of silence except to assist other souls climb the ladder to God.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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