Introduction Of The Total Girl

Here is the foreword to the total girl written by Ms. Mediline Ingowari Tador (JP)
“The concept of God being the creator of the universe is not debatable despite all efforts by the protagonists of the theory of Evolution to state otherwise.
Through the creation, God has shown to man his Might, Awfulness and Purpose for mankind. The supremacy of God has not diminished since the days of the Patriarch of Judaism – Abraham, Moses, Jacob and Joshua; but has even doubled with the fulfillment of the scriptures in the birth of the Messiah and the emancipation of Christianity; which forms God’s wisdom in the New Testament of the Bible.
This work was inspired by God through the author, to reach out to young girls and rescue them from their confusion, sins and pains.
The aim is to lift the girl child from the pit of destruction and set a new stage for her to realize her potentials and utilize God’s promises to her.
Regrettably most of the young girls today are just drifting astray because they have lost touch with the purposes for which God made them. Some girls don’t even believe that their situations are redeemable. As a result majority of our ladies have moved from despair to desperation. Others find themselves in a complete state of lethargy, as a result of drug abuse, sexual immorality and alcoholism. This is a dangerous trend for the future of our society where these girls will eventually become the mothers of tomorrow.
The Book “Total Girl” is recommended for not only girls but parents whose responsibilities are enormous to mould the character of the youths especially the girl children. God has the capacity to change our circumstances in life as human beings. The girl child is no exception.
I wish to reassure you that as you read this book and put into practice the tips and hints therein, victory will be yours as your spiritual life will be empowered. ####

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