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Why Soccer Is Most Followed Among Sports

Soccer is most followed in the available sports by sportsmen and women in the world today because of its popularity amongst the sports.
Again, the way the sport is handled is another thing that makes the sport all time sport since age. There are also special ways the sport influenced society as all social ceremonial celebrations involve this sport to add spice to that event as the organizers may wish.
There are other reasons why the sport excelled more among the numerous sporting events in the sports log. For instance, other sports are not included even in the school curriculum of sporting calendar.
Inter-house sports competition is now a forgotten thing in the school system, thus making other sports forgotten while soccer stands the test of time with every public ceremony.
This is not to say that talents are not found in other sports. Basically in the youths, those who are also talented in other sports too, take to soccer based on the sport availability and followership globally. For Nigeria, it is even worst when talents that abound are not followed because every other person believes in soccer alone.
Swimming and wrestling should be the pride of the Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta and Edo man, but surprisingly the story is not the same, as no one cared about these sports even as they have the terrain and availability of venue for these sports. This has made Nigeria, particularly the states, that ought to produce seasoned men and women in these sports go moribund. ###

Allanso Janthan Allanso

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