Hope for Bayelsans – Dickson

The whirlwind has torn us apart,
Confusion, hatred and dreams of illusions
Re… a stake, peace, oneness and uprightness
Has flown away from us like the bye-bye
Away wind of yesteryears
Honesty has gone like a strong wind finding a
Place to anchor, the wind of corruption and dishonesty
In most hearts
Mother has lost motherhood same as father’s
The ill practice of oppressions and looting of funds
By the recent past administration in Bayelsa state
Only leave us in verge of pains, sorrows and cries
Disintegration, hatred and mistrust for our own
Is time, this time we must wake-up from the
societal menace and embrace a new chapter,
a chapter of love, unity, development and
a better and progressive future in Hon-Henry
Seriake Dickson, he carries the heart and interest of our dear state Bayelsa.
On the side lines I watched with uttermost despair
And pains the high level of poverty, intimidation
Mented on Bayelsan by the past administration,
I strike to see yet the endless tears in my eyes
Never seized to obstruct my views, these views I only see
A hope of hopelessness, pains, sorrow, cries engulfed
All heart like an infection sweeping
through all streets, villages and tents with poverty.
Life become derail with nonsensical values
Of disrespect for highly respected traditional stools
Commoners and stakeholders, employment,
health, education, security,
development in general Bayelsa state
ranked the least in the present Niger Delta states
we also had refused to point figures to
the past administration for fear of life and safety.
Aye! The past administration of
Slyva Timiepere got power drunk
and was only interested in looting monies meant
For the development of the state
to foreign accounts and personal
businesses and leaving the state to dive in
Shambles, making living hard to the
ordinary Bayelsan a proper look on the
faces of the commoners as the
Street only reveal oppression, frustration, pains but hope
Hope we longed for
The hope of sigh relief
The hope of harmony and development
The hope of oneness amongst we Bayelsans
I see nights longing for day
The skies blur yet suddenly –
Suddenly light fell on us
The conference and hopes
we fund in Hon. Seriaka heavy Dickson (PDP)
As Bayelsans let’s speak in oneness and support
These positive government of Hon. Dickson
Arise compatriots of Bayelsa state
and embrace togetherness.

David E. E. Spiff
Visions of Reflections
Twitter @ Harmeldave.

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