The Victor And Gentleman In Djokovic

Stars are born differently in all ages. Stars come and fade away to become ordinary human beings. But in their reigning periods as stars, they become extra ordinary human beings before other human beings. This fact has been proven in this particular star, Novak Djokovic. He is one star that has shown a class with difference.
Emotional as every other human being alive, he demonstrated a trait expected of all becoming champions in all competitions. After he won Rafael Nadal, he humbly went down on his knees and congratulated him, thus also recognizing Nadal as a champion. This is a true star in his own right of world acceptability.
One must be grateful in all things, in victory and even when you lose in a competition. All these are the common driving force of emotions. One way or the other you must respond or react, a common feature of a normal human being, so it is not surprising that caring stars never fail their fans and spectators in whatever stage of their playing days.
Djokovic, a man who knows the task of a champion, worked so hard as to be recognized through his matches in the tennis court, and he does this with the requisite plight of a true champion, recognizing another champion, even as his opponent loses to him. Indeed, this is a gentle victory of recent times in history, mentally strong, mentally focused, never losing hope. This is the champion, Novak Djokovic the man. ###

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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