Academies Hope For Nigeria’s Football

Football Academies no doubt will be the hope of Nigeria’s hope for age graced football owing to the prevalent situation Nigeria football found itself in the stable of football age grade competitions.
Academy from it word, is a preparatory school of age grade to build one to a stage of acceptable standard. It is then very important that academies in the country should be encouraged as to produced the right cabre of players to feature for the country at all stage when the country is called for.
Nigeria had been accused of age grade cheat in almost all the age grade competition she had featured in the past. This is because the country did not dwell on or key in, academies which would have made the age grade football wahala easy.
For instance, if Nigeria could have believed in academies, more of Sani Emmanuel, which was a product of football academy and later become the most valuable player of the world in the Nigeria under 17 side in 2009.
From the nursey schools to the secondary stage, Nigeria could boost of football talents. For the fact that our football administrators are not serious, we keep on fielding players of over age cabre in all age grade competitions. This in a reversal has affected the national team, as no correct player was produced to take over from the aging players as it is.
From all age grade competition Nigeria had played. This is bad.
From all age grade competitions Nigeria had player over the years, it will been the forecast of the football team handlers and administrators to have better the lot of the country, if players from these age grade national teams would have been replacing players like Okocha, Kanu, Finidi and Emunike.
Nigeria has come of age to have known what is good for the country. Age been the only live transfer those from the lower cadre, like the under 17, under 20 and under 23 to the national team proper. This could be achieve only by following up well funded football academies in the country. ###

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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