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Why Boko Haram Refuses To Dialogue With FG

While the rampaging religious militant sect, Boko Haram, terrorizing the integrity of the federal republic of Nigeria is generating more concern and awareness among the citizens of Nigeria, forcing all to proffer solutions to curb the barbaric self-acclaimed religious militant sect, a Moslem faithful, Mallam Kabiru, based in Port Harcourt, has disclosed why the so-called religions militant sect would never come in contact with president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to dialogue, to end the senseless killing in the country.
Mallam Kabiru, who resides in Port Harcourt, spoke with our news desk, stating that Boko Haram, as they are called, will never come in contact with the federal government to dialogue because they do not have an issue to dialogue.
Secondly, it has no background in Nigeria, as it is constituted of a particular selfish group of people to perpetrate terror on the government of President Goodluck Jonathan in order to make his government restless.
Speaking further, Madam Kabiru revealed that the operators of the Boko Haram sect are not real Hausas as they wanted the Nigerian populace to believe. He added that the operators of Boko Haram are pure foreigners from neighbouring Chad, Benin Republic, Niger and Cameroon.
He maintained that for the fact that they are not Nigerians, they are aware that if they venture to sit with the federal government to dialogue, they would be easily identified by the Hausas who they claimed to have a family link with.
He noted that Hausas are pure Nigerians from the northern part of Nigeria, they have family houses and could be visibly seen and identified by anybody, anytime, pointing out that these operators of Boko Haram are not pure Hausas and do not have any house not to talk of families, so they could not come with confidence to dialogue with the federal government.
“The truth about the whole thing is that though they speak Hausa dialect, they could be easily detected as they are not pure Hausas with family, home town and houses, where they live.
Mallam Kabiru further disclosed that as a true Moslem, he is of the opinion that the issue of Boko Haram has political under tone. He sharply disagreed that a true Moslem could carry out killings in an open government like the government of President Jonathan, adding that Allah do not support such actions.
He reiterated that as a true Nigerian Hausa man, he has a family and home background and anybody could easily trace him. This is absent in the case of the Boko Haram operators. This has made it difficult for the federal government to address the issue, as if the government of President Jonathan does not care.
Mallam Kabiru advised that President Jonathan should address the issue of Boko Haram with real caution as innocent souls could be linked into the issue.
“Boko Haram in Nigeria will never augur well with Allah, as Allah does not like the senseless killing going on already in the northern parts of the country”, he stated.
Mallam Kabiru’s views were collaborated by the detained spokeman of Boko Haram who stated that suicide bombers were chosen among members of the sect from Chad, Nigeria, Cameroon, Benin, Fulanis, Hausas and others. ###

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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