So the effable Personal Name of Yahweh contains both consonants and vowels; do not forget to know that Yahweh is language; and He taught man His language after creation. So the indifferent, the scoffers or proud of this age of retionalism would say that the name could not be uttered in Moses’ time because there were no vowels that was why it has only Four letters Y H W H; but that is not true. At the same time they call it Y H W H and termed it Tetragrammaton. All are the works of truth twisters as mentioned by Prophet Yeremiah (Jere. miah). Listen the truth as explained above, Yahweh is the Ineffable name of the Grand Creator, for the four initials Y H W H are just as you can call some one J. P. C. 0. meaning “John Peter Crispus Ovoh” as mortals also give their initials. But in this case Yahweh did not give His name in initials but mentioned His name to all the Prophets He sent on earth such as Adam, Seth, Enock, Lemeck. Noah, Meichizedek, Moses, Yahoshea and in the twentieth century myself who is the author of this pamphlet. Be informed also that the name Yahweh is a heavenly name and not an earthly name. Therefore the initials Y. H. W. H. are known as Quatragrammaton but God can be tetragramaton because three initials make up the name GOD.
Only fools could say that Yahweh, who created man, has no complete language, but mortals who know in parts only, who have not even discovered all what Yahweh invested in them have language that contains, consonants and vowels, crown the pride of man that led him to a fall. What I mean by pride is nothing than self-aggrandizement that made him not to obey Yahweh’s laws.
And Yahweh talked to His son, Yahshem (The Word) and said, Let us create man in our image after our likeness, and then created both man and female the same day and breathed the breath of life into their nostrils and both became living souls, and Yahshem whom Yahweh authorized to create all things, spoke to them that both should marry and produce children and fill the whole earth. And called the man Adam meaning “Red-mud”, and called the wife Chawah meaning “Life Bearer”. And Yahshèm which means The Word or representative taught them the heavenly language and songs which they could sing in praise of the Grand Creator Yahweh. And Yahshem gave them only three major commandments thus:- (a) Call the Ineffable personal name of Yahweh in your worships on (b) the Sabbath day which is the 7th day of the week, which men call Saturday. And (c) Love your fellow human beings more than yourselves. Excuse me, do you think that if mortals keep to these three major laws, men or mortals could be in trouble? Excuse me, do you think that the story of God killing Adam and removing man’s rib to create woman is correct? Excuse me, if really that story is correct then do you think that man is still correct, since a rib that is supposed to make man whole is removed? Excuse me, why should woman’s creation also not be correct, because man was made out of the red- mud, but woman was out of man’s rib?
Excuse me, why should women not be stronger than men? Excuse me, Do you believe the story of a Celestial being or personality called Lucifer that was driven down to earth by messengers of Yahweh? Exduse me, Can you give me reason why all other messengers of Yahweh were given spiritual names such as Michiah, Gabriah, Raphiah, Uriah, Ariah, Sophia, Raziah, Chamuiah, Zedikiah etc. and one “Lucifer” alone bear an earthly name, a Latin word that means Light -bearer? Excuse me, whose light was he bearing? Excuse me, my one million naira question is, now that he has been driven down from Yahweh’s Kingdom, is Yahweh using generator as Light or He is hurrican larnp? Excuse me, Yahweh is Light, so that story should be counted as one of the lies,, said against Yahweh. Excuse me, what about the story of Cain’s marriage at the city of Nod after killing his only junior brother Abel? Excuse me is that story not saying that the story of Adam and his wife Chawah (Eve) as the first male and female created by Yahweh is questionable? Excuse me, how many years from creation that Adam knew his wife Chawah (Eve) and they had their first child Cain? Excuse me, and how many years after Cain before they had their second child Abel? Excuse me, how many miles from where Adam and his wife lived to the city of Nod where Cain went and married his wife? Excuse me, in Genesis Chapter 5 it is revealed that Adam only knew his wife Chawah (Eve) at their age of 130 years and born Seth; so please do not be annoyed with me my dear reader, how would we reconcile these two Bible stories? Excuse me, is the Creator of the Bible God, Jehovath or Lord omniscience? If you say yes then why should He regret in Genesis chapter 6 verse 6? Excuse me, have angels of God, Jehovah or Lord sex ability to have got male sex to take the daughters of men to wife and produce mighty men (Giants) on earth? Excuse me the second question is why should God get annoyed and reduce the days of man to only one hundred and twenty years on earth? Excuse me, if this story is true as the Bible is said to be a holy book, why should God allow his fallen angels to have sex ability to marry mortals? Excuse me, has he God no power to control these celestial beings? Excuse me, celestials, we were taught have no blood, if so how can they have sperm to conceive women to produce giants? Excuse me, women then are not as beautiful as our modern women, why should these fallen messengers not conceive daily, the women of our present day? Excuse me, do you know that Satan tempted God and God fell in Job Chapter 1 verses 11 to 19. Excuse me, in the first place the Bible made it categorically clear that back-biters, gossipers can not go into God’s Kingdom, why should God be first to start the back-biting or gossiping with Satan? Excuse me, do you think that God has not knocked himself out of his Kingdom? Excuse me, God told Satan not to shed Job’s blood or kill Job, but why should nearly all Job’s children be killed by. Satan? Listen to verse 12 of this great Chapter, “Then the Lord said to Satan, behold, all that he (Job) has is in your power, only do not put forth your hand on him”. Excuse me, how many times was Satan driven out of heaven? Because it seems as if Satan or the devil was driven out of God’s Kingdom before man and woman were created; since the temptation of man was so quick from creation?
Excuse me, or was the fall of Lucifer in Ezekiah (Ezekiel) the first fall? Excuse me, meaning Satan or the devil reinforced, then went back into Yah’s Kingdom and fought again as it was recorded in Revelation Chapter 12 :712? Excuse me, in verse 11, it is said that but for the blood of the lamb they could not have defeated Satan? Excuse me, it is also said that the messengers did not mind their lives; the one million naira question is, are messengers of God, who are supposed to be celestial beings have blood? Wait, are there goats, dogs, lambs, cows etc. in Yahweh’s Kingdom? Excuse me, have you seen how wicked God judges, see the woe he pronounced on the inhabitants of the earth and sea, people who were innocent about such war in heaven? (verse 12). Excuse me, was the devil or Satan and his host of messengers driven down on African Continent? Excuse me-, do not be annoyed, was the Abyss on African continent because no devil or satan that is depicted white or red, because all devils or satans are depicted in Black colour, why? Excuse me, you will be surprised
to hear from me that the doctrine of satan, devil and demons is a myth. ###

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