Mastering Your Spiritual Destiny

The Spiritual Destiny of all soul in form is to become a Co-worker with God. This includes the myriad of forms soul might decide to exist in. But the one we would like to restrict our discussion to is the HU-man form commonly known as man.
Co-workership with God entails that the individual soul becomes a channel for the divine love of God at all times. This implies that the individual would have the ability to listen to God at all times, understand the instructions from God and be willing to execute those instructions to the letter. In simple terms, the individual would have been transformed from an ordinary HU-man being to the realization of the Spiritual aspect of man known as soul. When man realizes himself as Soul, the spiritual attributes of God hitherto lying latent in man is now brought to the fore for the spiritual purpose of serving God.
These attributes are wisdom, freedom and love.
The transformation of the individual from the ordinary HU-man being to a spiritual being in most cases could take many lifetimes. Most souls, whether we are aware of this goal or not are destined to go through this process of realizing and knowing who we are, realizing God before graduating to become a Co-worker with God. These are the three major steps involved in achieving our Spiritual goal.
Most HU-man beings today do not really know who they are. This is evident in the way we communicate with God and the way we relate with other creatures of God. Those who are supposed to be leaders in the spiritual arena actually display their ignorance of their spiritual qualities from what they say. For instance if one were to listen to the various self-styled ‘men of God’ on either foreign or local media one would hear statements like ‘My Soul, my Soul’. If man owns soul, who then is man?
The first aspect man has to deal with then is man knowing himself as soul, the spiritual being that he truly is.
The second aspect is why is man on earth? What is the spiritual purpose of his journey here on earth? Is life all about being born, growing up, going to school, graduating, getting a job, amassing wealth and waiting to die at about seventy? Could this be the whole purpose of life?
Let’s take the case of a soul in the little body of a baby girl who is given birth to and within twenty-four hours dies, what would be the purpose of life for such a child? What has God achieved for that child if man lives only once? Where would such a child go to, Heaven or Hell?
So the second aspect in achieving our spiritual goal is to know the reason why we are here on earth.
The sole reason why man is here on earth is to learn how to receive and give this divine love of God and having learnt this, man then learns how to generate and appropriate this love of God at all times! In other words, man is here on a spiritual program whether he knows it or not. Those who go about believing that life is all about one life only are living in a world of self delusion. The philosophy of one life only is the reason behind the life of desperation we see in Nigeria of today. People want to go to heaven but they are not ready to die. People want prosperity but they are not ready to know the owner of wealth, God. People suffer in abject poverty and have varied and unexplainable challenges but they do not want to know the reason why they are in such a state. They are not ready to know about Karma that controls every facet of their lives.
Then man would shout ‘God why have you forsaken me?’
If man is here on earth to learn about how to give and receive this divine love of God, who then is to teach man so that man can enroll in this spiritual education program?
The first step, if man is interested in this spiritual program, is for man to make direct contact with God. Yes it is possible. For those who feel it is impossible to contact God directly that belief alone has disqualified them from the spiritual program. They belong in the spiritual kindergarten where they have to be tendered for before they can make indirect contact with God. It is actually a personal choice. No individual can force another to go in a particular spiritual direction.
The first step therefore for those who wish to have that direct contact with God is to call God by the name God has given to Itself. This name is the HU. I keep writing about this Holy name of God in every episode because this is the name that can open all doors for man be it spiritual, physical or otherwise.
When the individual sings the HU, (sung as Huuueeee in a long drawn out breath), the individual has signified his intention to enroll in this spiritual program. The individual is put through numerous tests without his knowledge. He is tested whether he loves God or power more and if he is sincere in his love for God, he would be admitted into the spiritual program. The individual will be contacted through the dream state. He would then be directed to the Living Godman who he would meet in the dream state and alive when possible.
Subsequent interaction with the Living Godman will open the spiritual eyes of the individual and he would be shown all his past lives that have bearing on his present life. The Living Godman being the Wayshower appointed by God, will show the individual the spiritual heavens of God with his ‘korokoro’ eyes. This is the heaven that others in spiritual kindergarten are waiting to visit after death! The individual will be shown the spiritual aspect of himself known as soul.
The individual looking at his body on the bed, will then see the real self, soul in this shinning glory. The individual can then proclaim ‘I am Soul. I have a body called John!’ Then all the mystery about God would start to recede.
The third aspect of achieving this spiritual goal is knowing God. There is a big difference between believing God and knowing God. Those who believe in God without going through the process of experiencing God and knowing God cannot claim to know God. For the individual to know God he must first and foremost know and see himself as Soul, a spark of God, immortal, deathless. The HU-man body can die but soul can never die because God cannot die. God is immortal and eternal.
But how can the individual know God? Can the individual achieve this feat all by himself?
Three things are required in the individual knowing and experiencing God.
The first is the Living Godman. Without the Living Godman, the Spiritual Coach, the individual cannot achieve much. It is the Living Godman that will teach the individual the spiritual aspects of soul, the Truth of God and the Spiritual laws of God. These spiritual truths cannot be found in any book no matter how Holy.
The Holiest Book in all the universes of God is man. This is because man is the only ‘book’ written by God. All other books are written by men.
The second is the Light and Sound of God, the Audible Life Stream. This is the Eternal Voice of God that creates and sustains the whole of Life. Soul in HU-man form is created from the fabric of this Holy Spirit, the Light and Sound of God.
Third is the Spiritual Link-up leading to Spiritual Freedom for soul in form. This Spiritual Link-up is performed by the Living Godman and the individual is liberated from the Wheel of Karma and Reincarnation, the wheel of Death and Rebirth into this physical world.
For man to make contact with this Living Godman, man then needs to sing the Hu to begin this journey back home to God and his spiritual destiny of becoming a Co-worker with God.
When the individual learns under the tutelage of the Living Godman and goes through the lessons required, he would then be transformed from the ordinary HU-man being to a spiritual being that has the ability to communicate with God at all times even while walking on the streets any where! The individual would have discovered that Co-working with God goes beyond the mundane things of life like prosperity and miracles that are actually illusions. These illusions of life can only be understood when the individual realizes the spiritual aspect of himself, Soul.
These are the initial steps to Mastering our Spiritual Destiny.

Towards Spiritual Freedom
By Tuborki Dauyemie

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