The Right of “The Total Girl”

Chapter Two
It is your right to say no to female circumcision. Female Circumcision”: Female Circumcision is a custom commonly practiced in some countries. It is now generally called Female Genital Mutilation (F.G.M.). The operation removes part or most of a girl’s genitalia. From a publication of the Awake Magazine, I got to know that the custom was publicised by a Somalian, Waris Dine, a well know fashion model and special ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund (U.N.RF).
In accord with local Somalian custom, as a child she was subjected to EGM by her own mother. In another report, between eight and ten million women and girls in the Middle East and Africa were at risk of undergoing FGM. Even in the United States, many girls passed through this ordeal.
One may ask, what beliefs under lie this practice? Some think that the female genitals are evil and that they make a girl unclean and for this reason she cannot be married. In addition, cutting off or removing the genital is looked upon as insurance of the child’s virginity and faithfulness. Failure to perpetuate the custom by the mother may attract the wrath of her husband and the local community. What a sad endeavour!
The good news is that many mothers however, have come to realize that there is no legitimate reason hygienic, medical or religious to support this painful practice.
The Nigerian Documentary Repudiating Repugnant Customs reveals that many mothers have courageously refused to subject their daughters to it. Yes, as a total girl you must say no or run away from this painful practice. It is a must that you begin today!
Moreover, Female Genital Mutilation leads to sexual dissatisfaction, obstructive delivery, promiscuity and HIM/AIDS. Please, avoid these, say no!
Say No! To “Cultism”
So many people (both young and old) form or join one secret cult or another. Some have paid with their skin; they cannot retrieve their life because life has no duplicate. Many join secret cult so they can become powerful. Others join it for protection, while some others do for the fun of it. They fail to understand that whatever the devil gives to any man, he gets back that thing and end up taking the whole life of the individual(s) concerned. So why must you join secret cult? Why must you allow yourself to be initiated?
So many people, especially youths and students have died as a result of cultism. Should we continue to lose loved ones and friends who ought to be the leaders of tomorrow? Absolutely, No!
Please, please shun cultism! Your life is too precious to be tampered with. Your life well lived could be of a great blessing to your fellow men. So do not waste it. You’ll be glad, you did. ###

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