Arsenal Back To Reckoning

Arsenal football club of England from recent records is coming back to reckoning as the team continues to outplay her opponents with the style of a potential champion.
Before now, the shaky start of the season premiership calls for both fans and followers of English football writing Arsenal off completely.
From the club’s new status in banging in the goals irrespective of the club’s pegree, faithful fans of the club are back on their strength to give their darling club the support the club needs from them.
Arsenal started the season in shaky mood to the surprise of lovers of the club. Many deserted and refused to claim the club as their one time darling club, they have vowed to stand by any day any time, no matter the condition of the result that the club records.
Playing against one of the upcoming clubs in English football in English premiership, Tottenham, Arsenal shot their arsenals right inside their eyes bringing Tottenham as one of their victims. Tottenham scored first with Arsenal 2 goals down in the first half only to see Arsenal putting on the biggest surprise, as Arsenal charged the fire in their boots right into the heart of Tottenham, to read Arsenal 5 Tottenham 2.
Others who will play Arsenal are now in terrific fear as to stand the fire soccer power of Arsenal. The club that had been written off by lots of football followers now see Arsenal as a club that could not be underrated, as it is back to reckoning in the league, in the English premiership.
Just after the Toltenham blast, Arsenal maintained straight wins on both Liverpool and Newcastle. All matches saw Arsenal singing the victorious song as Liverpool was given 2 goals, same as Newscastle was handed 2 goals to Arsenal favour. ###


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