NFF Lures FIFA Ban

DR. DANAGOGORecent happening at the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is indicating that FIFA might visit the country football.

After the chief Baribote Imbrogilo which attracted FIFA interest to the point of Nigeria being suspended and risk being banned, it was however carefully handled by the timely intervention of the Sports Minister, Dr. Tammy Danagogo and the whole issue was put to rest hence averting FIFA’s ban, now another scenario is playing out which will lure FIFA to visit Nigeria.

Penultimate Thursday, Alhaji Aminu Maigari was impeached by a section of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). According to those who impeached him, he (Maigari) did not carry some members of the Glass House along, he was also labeled of high handedness amidst corruption.

Mike Umeh was appointed to run the board till election is conducted while the interim board is at it planting stage, the first meeting called was not successful because the house was not properly constituted as the required number to constitute and convent the meeting could not stick while that is on, another scene played out.

Club owners of Nigeria have kicked against Alhaji Maigari’s impeachment, saying they do not recognize his impeachment, adding authoritatively that they stick with Alhaji Aminu Maigari as the legally elected president of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

The body ordered that Maigari should be reinstated with immediate alacrity, pointing out that Alhaji Aminu Maigari impeachment by Mike Umeh and co is illegal.

This is where FIFA may come in if FIFA gets to know of this happening in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the country’s national football teams are due for FIFA organized competitions. The Nigeria female national U-20 team is due to feature in the 7th edition of the FIFA women World Cup, in the same vein, the Golden eagles are also due to defend the title the team won a year ago and the African Nations cup qualifier matches are just around the corner only time will tell what unfolds later.

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