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R/S Sporting Association Chairmen Plead On NSF Pay

After waiting patiently for their pay in the 17th National Sports Festival, the Rivers State contingents were paid their allowances and the money promised them, but leaving the various chairmen of the associations out.
The chairmen of the various sporting associations laboured and coordinated their associations wards in order to have the best for the state and true to their vigour and sincerity, the good deal was sealed by seeing the various athletes in the associations recording the number one result for the state. The athletes were all given their due pay, but what of the associations’ chairmen that shouted, motivated and toiled together with the athletes to win the overall best result for the state?
One is tempted to ask, is Rivers State ready to defend the gold, the number one position she won at Port Harcourt? If the answer is yes, then Rivers State should better settle the various sporting associations chairmen before stories not palatable to the ears are heard at the forth coming 18th National Sports Festival in Lagos, come November.
Without the motivation of these associations men, the good ride to victory would not have come to Rivers State anyway. It is always good to give to the man who had fulfilled his part of any deal. He deserved his due so that he will be propelled to do more. This is natural.
When will the association chairmen be paid? Now that their wards had been paid their dues, this action is capable of generating bad blood between the athletes and the associations chairmen.
Let the authority concerned be aware that another National sports festival is in the waiting, come November, 2012, in Lagos. Rivers State will not only participate but the state is the defending champion.
It would be recalled that tongues wagged against Rivers State. alleging that the state won her first overall best position due to some fast tricks she put in place. If not for anything, this notion should be corrected in Lagos through even good clear performance from the athletes. This is the only way to clear this dirty allegation leveled against the state.
To do this, the various sporting associations chairmen are the bait the state has to rely on to actualize her dream of defending the golden first position she won here in Port Harcourt, in Lagos successful.
When will the Rivers State sporting association chairmen be paid their dues for winning the 17th National sports festival for the state? Or is there no money to pay or the association chairmen are not supposed to be part of the party? These and many more are questions begging for answers before the authority that be. The Newswriter sports desk will want to know. ###

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