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In our last edition we stopped at “You can have sex with your partner any day, anytime, anywhere, except Saturdays (Sabbath) because it is Yahweh’s own holy day, (Exodus 20.8), under the topic “Beauty of Sex in Marriage.”
In this edition we will start from another angle, but same topic, though a little bit flexible.
Sex is the string on which a good marriage is tied to. The most emotional part of the marriage comes from sex, which differentiates the man from the woman. That is the basic flavour why a man will leave his parents and take a woman to make a family for himself. With all the money in the world given to the woman, if the husband could not meet up this emotional part of the deal in the marriage, there is serious problem for the woman as she will never be happy emotionally, inside. This has caused many marriage break-ups in the society.
Because it is the right of the woman, it is also the right of the man. That is why Soul Mate is asking everyone that before you say I do, have you checked the libido level of your proposed partner in that area? Do not forget that marriage is a life time thing. Once married, you are bound to live with that partner for the rest of your life till death do you part.
Taking the scriptural aspect into concern has made many fool themselves into being trapped after they discovered that their partner could not give them that sexual emotional satisfaction they so much desire.
If you cannot finalize everything in the courtship period you will live to regret this most sensitive emotional aspect of marriage for the rest of your life. Also know that the period of courtship simply means that you are both experimenting whether both of you are compatible, to know whether you can live as man and woman under the umbrella of marriage. So if you cannot get this right in the period of courtship, you are the one to be blamed, not any other spiritual force or anybody.
Yes, it is also true that if you have not discovered yourselves before saying “I do,” that means you are bound to silently correct that sexual emotional problem by yourselves in the most discreet way, because if you mistakenly make it a public issue of discussion, your marriage is doomed as different shapes of talks and ideas will be employed against your persons.
The man can help the woman to correct the problem, same as the woman can help the man correct the problem. Together you can correct that problem before saying “I do,” though this problem is more common with the men fold.
This can be easily done based on the sincerity and faith level of both intending partners in Yahweh, their creator.
It is always good to know your proposing partner inside out before saying “I do.” This area is one sensitive emotional part that could not at all be ignored except you have surrendered to suffer that sexual emotional fate in your marriage or you are ready to defile the marital vows you exchanged with your partner.
We will stop here so far to continue as the inspiration comes along. Remember I am your servant and I cannot give you anything except Yahweh my aspirator inspires me to dish out those beautiful topics you are enjoying. Keep reading us. We on our part will never fail you. This is a promise.
Feel free to contact the Soul Mate editor if you are interested to sponsor the Soul Mate. Also if you have conflicting emotional marital problems, contact the Soul Mate editor on 08082649997.

We are completing the question asked by Branda last edition (he has low libido).
Ans: What I will advise all who have such problem is this, let the man lie down while the woman stay on top of the man.

In other words, the woman this time is the one making love to the man. She is the one that is dictating. I assure you this position gives more lasting satisfaction to both the man and the woman.
Again, it saves the man from releasing so fast. He will not come so quick, but before doing this let the man release through masturbation first before engaging on this position with his partner. The woman on her part must ease off by releasing through masturbation first if she must enjoy her partner in orgasm.
Bye for now. Keep the text message coming. Yahweh bless you as you enjoy your man in your new status as married couples.

Love doctor you have cured me.
Dear Editor, I am Cecilia texting from Rumuokoro in Port Harcourt. I need to see you as you have cured me of my age long problem through your herbal service. May your Yahweh bless you and give you more wisdom and long life.
Star Service
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Days of birth
Monday Ambitious
Tuesday Boldness
Wednesday Restless disposition
Thursday Changing attitude
Friday A yearning for the impossible
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Sunday High moral

You behave the way you behave according to the day you were born.

Herbal Service
Menstruation problems:
Disorder and abnormal pains during menstruation: Please take two spoonfuls of honey. This should be done after every four hours for a period of three days.
People (families) are advised to have honey always in their house. Honey and garlic are some of the most useful herbal ingredients that we need around us considering their usefulness in our day to day life.
Text us to tell us in all the topics and packages that we have given you, telling us whether we are really serving you well. You are also free to criticize us, where we are not doing well. You make us to be better persons we are today in The Newswriter Soul Mate column. Once against the number to text to is 08082649997. ###
Allanso Jonathan

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