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Sports loving people, if man is a servant to man then the sports personality we have in this edition should be emulated in all ramification.
He was born like every other person in the world today, he came saw and conquer even as a sports man in all most all the combat sports. Born seventy years ago in the beautiful town of Buguma in present day headquarters of Asalga LGA.
A humble gentle man any day any time, a man you can described embodiment of experience and knowledge, as a sports man and technocrat. Outspoken but not self seeking interest when relating with the public. Vibrant, charismatic, decent, activist of God interest, God fearing, fatherly with his advice, loving, intelligent and caring. A silent achiever if you like even as a sportsman and a technocrat. He is a sports personality perse.
It is on records that he is the first Nigerian professional wrestler, he also a weight lifter, judoker and boxer.
He had successful established the past and the present in a simple terms, he agitated for the oil deviation and established the case in 1981, thirty years ago. He had also seen many wrestlers grow under his fatherly advice. Now a minister of God.
Therefore, sports loving people, The Newswriter Sports desk deemed it fit to have him as The Newswriter sports personality of the week. Therefore, kindly join me to welcome Evangelist Sokari B. O. Soberekon as The Newswriter Sports personality of the week.
Sit back as we reel out his datas as was given to us by Sokari Soberekon himself.
Happy reading.

Name: Evangelist Sokari B. O. Soberekon
Age: 70 years
Home Town: Buguma
LGA: Asalga
State: Rivers
Designation: Evangelist (Servant of God)
Favourite Sport: Wrestling (traditional/professional)
Aspiration: I want the best out of the best for the youths of this country
Role Model: Chief Soberekon (My father)
Turn On: Achiever through hard work
Turn Off: Cheat, I hate people who cheat others
Occupation: Evangelist (Preacher)
Achievements: Win some competitions and lost some, Nig. Army Judo Coach, advised power Mike to take to wrestling officiated power Mike first wrestling match in Nigeria represented Nigeria in Judo and lots more too numerous to

GMS: 08037067808

Suffice it to say here that here is a man who combine three combat sports in his sporting life and excel in all of them a feat not equal by his peers in his active sports days.
He also has a gym to himself as well as the public, where sports men and women practice their sporting skill.
To a large extent as a technocrat he was the man who agitated for oil derivation in 1981 and established a case thirty years ago. In combination of sport and public life he advised the Rivers State government to treat sports people with silver spoon, as far as sports is concern he is an authority.
Sir may you live long enough to enjoy the fruits of your labour here on earth. ###
Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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