You and Your Dreams (2)

– Understanding Interpretation
As written last week, dreams are privileged information from God. Thus dreams are the communication link between Soul and God Almighty. For when God sent man down to this lower world, the University of Life, man was handed three special ‘tools’ to enable man once in a while communicate with God and obtain spiritual guidance.
These ‘tools’ are; The Living Godman, Creative Imagination and Dreams.
The Living Godman is the Spiritual Coach or better still a Spiritual Guide. He has the special ability to lead all ready Souls back home to God. He achieves this objective on an individual basis with every soul-in-form. He is the dream Master and the only individual who teaches man how to unravel the mysteries surrounding his dreams. For he does this in the dream state.
Creative imagination is the process where Soul-in-form, commonly called man, is given an opportunity to manifest whatever he requires for his personal survival while residing within the University of Life in the lower worlds of space, energy, matter and time. Thus instead of man beseeching God on a daily basis, man can utilize the law of spiritual manifestation to generate his needs by engaging his creative imagination.
Dream on the other hand allows man to visit the heavens of God daily. When man goes to bed every night his main objective is however not for resting but for the purpose of learning how to ‘die daily’. In other words, man is being given an opportunity to learn on a daily basis how to dis-entangle himself from his physical body and visit the heavens of God. The other way is for man to have this experience during death. This is the main reason why man is so afraid to die. But practicing how to do it during the dream state makes it easy
Dreams are therefore real experiences in the heavenly worlds.
Once the individual learns the act of dreaming consciously, he soon discovers that the only way to the heavens of God is within the HU-man body and not through the sky or space. For the way to the heavens of God is narrow indeed and only a trained individual can embark on such visits under the tutelage of the Spiritual Coach whose responsibility it is to lead all ready souls back home to God.
But there is a snag here. How can man recollect or understand his dreams before interpreting those dreams?
Man recollecting or remembering his dreams depends on three main things; The first is man’s state of awareness before going to sleep, the second being the type of diet he indulges in and the third being having enough rest. Upon all these, the individual must have the willingness to recollect his dreams.
One of the easiest way man can improve his level of awareness is by undertaking a spiritual activity either by praying or better still (for effective results), calling on God’s Holy name known as the HU. When the individual sings HU before going to bed, he is indicating his willingness to experience the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God. By this act, the individual has opened the way for himself to undertake a spiritual activity in the heavens of God.
Next the individual keeps a Dream Journal by the side of his bed before going to bed. But it is essential that the individual allows whatever his challenges be it a job or any issue of concern to pervade his mind.
But before this, the individual must ensure that his diet for the evening is on the lighter side to ensure that the digestive systems do not drag him to sleep unconsciously. Most of us drift off to sleep unconsciously after a big bowl of ‘eba’ only to wake up and announce ‘Me, I don’t dream!’ Of course, this we know is a fallacy. For the moment man goes to bed at night, he wakes up in the spiritual body. The difference in every man is his level of awareness and ability to recollect his activities while there.
When we have succeeded in the ability to recollect our dreams, then we move on to learning how to understand and thus interpret our dreams. For the individual that is interested in understanding his dreams, a period of two years of study would be required under the guidance of the Living Godman. The information being provided in this write up is by no means a substitute for such training. This information is to enable the individual to simply get started to explore his dream worlds.
Interpreting our dreams depends on our ability to understand our dream symbols. For every individual responds to God given information in a unique way and dream interpretation depends on this uniqueness.
First the individual must obtain God’s attention by singing the HU for a period of ten (for beginners) to twenty minutes for (advance students) to enable the individual raise his vibrations to a spiritual level while the attention is withdrawn from the sensory perception of his operating environment. Once this is done, the individual goes to bed while allowing what issue that requires information go through his consciousness. Then he journeys into the dream worlds.
Upon awakening, the individual shall remain in bed for a while with eyes closed and try to recollect his dreams. For as soon as the individual opens his eyes, the inner worlds experience is forgotten. This is why it is essential for the individual to remain in bed and and try to remember how he felt during the closing part of the dream. For within his feelings will he determine the reason and interpretation of his dream experience.
Symbols like colors, trees, lion, elephants, masquerades etc are common symbols one can encounter in the dream state. One can also have encounters with translated family members who God can also use to get a particular critical information across to the individual. It is the responsibility of the individual however to have a dictionary of his dream symbols and after a short while he would discover that it is actually easy to interpret such dreams.
For instance, this writer was involved in a business that requires his presence in four different locations in Uyo, Enugu, Calabar and Aba. At that time, there were no mobile phones and his customers also had no access to phones. I simply provided my own symbols to the Holy Spirit to help me indicate when I should travel where for my products. I made use of different colors for different locations. I sang HU and went to bed asking God to help me know which location had products ready for me to pick up. I was pleasantly surprised when I was shown different color symbols that assisted me make the appropriate trip for my products. Any time I arrived at such locations, my customers then would ask ‘Oga, how did you know when to come?’
But I was working with the Holy Spirit that directed to me to that location where products were ready for me. Thus I have been continuously guided spiritually till this day.
Next Week: Dreams of Past Lives.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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